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  • Rochelle Hubbard on Essential Oils and The Mothership

    Tam Veilleux, creator of the Energy Almanac, and essential oils writer for the Energy Almanac enjoy a chat about food, freedom, and finances for w...
  • The Energy Almanac (Tam Veilleux) with Britt Bolnick

    Tam Veilleux, creator of the Energy Almanac, and experienced business coach Britt Bolnick of In Arms Coaching have a fun late night chat about running a business, having a family, and massive dreams. 
  • Do You Do A Month End Review?

    Having a practice of a monthly check-in gives you the opportunity to see if you are advancing or stagnating. Create a scale you'll use all the time (mine is 1 through 7 with 7 being "excellent"). 
  • Emotional Freedom Technique As A Tool

    Have you tried tapping? EFT, emotional freedom technique is a powerful self-help tool that is has been scientifically proven in more than one hundred tests to lower blood pressure, rellieve anxiety, change the chemicals in your brain, reduce stress, and more.
  • The Energy Almanac, 2020

    If you love the idea of having a year-long friend to support you throughout each moon cycle with the right tools, more ritual, and insight to help you stop striving and start thriving, then, by all means, grab an Energy Almanac.