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  • Custom Coloring Disc Golf Bags

      Disc golf bags are so colorful! I blame my son and his deep love of disc golf for my newly found deep love of painting disc golf back packs. S...
  • A Candle, The Moon, And A Cup of Coffee

    Who knew that our favorite coffee maker, Lifeboats, could influence our thinking? Today I received the following newsletter from the CEO of Lifeboost. It warmed my heart and was the reminder that I needed, at least for today.


  • Stop That Story with Tam Veilleux and Carrie Rowan

    STORIES CREATE PATTERNSIf you've felt stressed or anxious and overwhelmed by indecision then the chances are good that there is a story stuck insid...
  • Healing Spa Maine Has Bioscalar Equipment

    The Healing Spa is Brunswick, Maine’s premium healing experience using bioscalar frequency technology. Meant for anyone with a desire for better energy, mental clarity, and overall well being, our scalar room can improve your health by bringing your body into balance gently, while you nap.

    bioscalar healing maine

  • Saturn Square Uranus December 24

    A Holiday Gift That Keeps Giving No holiday season is complete without a gift that is given all year long, and so it is with the December 24, 2021 ...
  • Rochelle Hubbard on Essential Oils and The Mothership

    Tam Veilleux, creator of the Energy Almanac, and essential oils writer for the Energy Almanac enjoy a chat about food, freedom, and finances for w...
  • The Energy Almanac (Tam Veilleux) with Britt Bolnick

    Tam Veilleux, creator of the Energy Almanac, and experienced business coach Britt Bolnick of In Arms Coaching have a fun late night chat about running a business, having a family, and massive dreams. 
  • Do You Do A Month End Review?

    Having a practice of a monthly check-in gives you the opportunity to see if you are advancing or stagnating. Create a scale you'll use all the time (mine is 1 through 7 with 7 being "excellent"). 
  • Emotional Freedom Technique As A Tool

    Have you tried tapping? EFT, emotional freedom technique is a powerful self-help tool that is has been scientifically proven in more than one hundred tests to lower blood pressure, rellieve anxiety, change the chemicals in your brain, reduce stress, and more.
  • The Energy Almanac, 2020

    If you love the idea of having a year-long friend to support you throughout each moon cycle with the right tools, more ritual, and insight to help you stop striving and start thriving, then, by all means, grab an Energy Almanac.