Custom Coloring Disc Golf Bags – Choose Big Change

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Custom Coloring Disc Golf Bags


Disc golf bags are so colorful!

I blame my son and his deep love of disc golf for my newly found deep love of painting disc golf back packs. Sometimes it's because the disc themselves are colorful other times it's the shape of the bag that teases me. 

Last winter I sketched and painted two bags. I was quick-thinking enough to take a photo of the painted sketch and create a template for doing other bag and disc colors. 

I created an Instagram reel of me opening the prints and painting. See the IG post that got so much love. CLICK HERE.

Art prints that are custom colored

These art prints are so much fun to color. I’ve used this drawing so many times! It’s even in a discgolf coloring book for kids that I recently made.  

As an artist one of the things I enjoy is diversity in materials and topics. It’s tough for me to focus on one style or medium so this is just me being me helping you have more fun.

I love disc golf swag

Disc golfers, if you want some swag for the sport you love, hit me up.