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Healing Spa Maine Has Bioscalar Equipment


Tam Veilleux and father, Raymond Veilleux, are excited to announce the opening of The Healing Spa in Brunswick, Maine. Bioscalar healing technology is the headline at this new mid-coast Maine wellness center where clients come in, select a chair, and lay down for a two hour power nap while the bioscalar unit does the work.

The Healing Spa is Mid-Coast Maine’s premium healing experience using bioscalar frequency technology. Meant for anyone with a desire for better energy, mental clarity, and overall well being, our scalar room can improve your health by bringing your body into balance gently, while you nap. 

Enjoy a two, four, six, or eight hour rest as our bioscalar frequency system silently stimulates and repairs your DNA. 

The Healing Spa is conveniently located on Maine Street, at Senter Place, in Brunswick, Maine. 


If you are experiencing The Healing Spa could work for you:

  • Blood pressure issues

  • Anxiety

  • Immune system problems

  • Chronic health disorders 

  • Brain fog

  • Sleep issues

  • EMF damage

  • Aging problems

  • Vision struggles

  • Heavy metals


“Scalar waves are non-linear, non-Hertzian waves that have the ability to carry information. They travel faster than the speed of light and do not decay over time or distance. Scalar-wave technologies create a transcendental healing experience in which the individual is infused with restorative information and bathes in super-conductive, highly dense coherent energy fields.”   -


Everything is energy, including the human body. 

Our scalar energy machines, known as EE System, address energy fields. The normal 60-cycle interference “hum” of electrical fields created by man-made electronics is detrimental to human cells because we don’t operate at that same frequency. The hum, which you can think of as EMF, breaks down human energy fields. When your cells are stressed, the immune system is compromised.

When in the scalar room at The Healing Spa the equipment introduces an energy field that disrupts the contaminated energy and changes it into beneficial energetic patterns. These new patterns over time, allow the human cellular structure to return to a state of balance.

Whatever your personal energetic pattern, when in the scalar room at The Healing Spa your field is swept by the scalar energies in a beneficial manner.


The EE System is the Enhanced Energy System designed and developed by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael's of Las Vegas, Nevada. Another way to think of EE is Expedited Evolution. Wouldn't it be nice to evolve gracefully and in full balance? Right. We think so, too.


Book your Healing Spa two, four, six, or eight hour healing nap online. Before arriving, set your intention to allow the best healing possible to happen for your body. Do a short scan of your health identifying key areas of discomfort and prepare for your health to be harmonized.

You will be greeted by staff at our beautifully outfitted spa in Brunswick, Maine where you will select a lounge chair, blanket, sleep mask, and sound-blocking ear gear before going into a gentle slumber.

When your two hours are complete you continue your day as usual. It’s best, and we highly recommend, a detox bath, within 24 hours of your Spa visit. 

We offer a small retail selection as well as beautiful art and prints available for purchase. It's a feast for the mind/body/spirit.

We look forward to holding workshops and hosting healers specializing in holistic wellness, too. 


The more you visit and nap with us, the better you'll feel. Your body will fall into balance naturally. 

We look forward to seeing you at The Healing Spa. 

Book Your Session Now. CLICK HERE to be brought to the waiting list. We open in June 2023.