A Candle, The Moon, And A Cup of Coffee – Choose Big Change

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A Candle, The Moon, And A Cup of Coffee

The Candle & The Moon & A Good Cup Of Coffee

I'm a huge fan of a good cup of coffee. Each morning my handsome VIP and I sit down together for an hour or so and discuss what's on our minds. It could be the kids, the gaggle of grand gals, or our latest business adventure. Often in the discussions we come back to our spirituality, a bible passage, or a reminder to be gentle with ourselves. In our lives, coffee matters. 

Who knew that our favorite coffee maker, Lifeboats, could influence our thinking? Today I received the following newsletter from the CEO of Lifeboost. It warmed my heart and was the reminder that I needed, at least for today.

A Short Story About The Candle & The Moon

In a quiet village, a candle stood in a window, casting a warm glow upon the room. It was proud of its brightness and the comfort it provided to the household. One night, it looked up and saw the moon, illuminating the entire village with its soft light.

Feeling a pang of jealousy, the candle said, "Why do people need you when they have me? I light up their homes and keep the darkness at bay."

The moon replied, "Dear candle, you do provide a wonderful light, but remember, while you light up a room, I light up the world. There's a place for both of us. Your light is intimate and immediate, while mine is vast and far-reaching."

The candle understood and burned even brighter, realizing that every light, no matter how big or small, has its unique purpose.

Moral: Everyone has their own unique role and purpose; comparison diminishes the value of both.

I think about this quite often.
What impact am I making in the world? I then compare myself to the likes of Elon Musk (I'm currently reading the new Elon Musk Biography written by Walter Isaacson and it's amazing) and I feel like I'm hardly doing anything.
And then stories like this give me perspective to compete against myself. Be 1% better than I was the day before.
I know that I have value and I will continue to use my gifts to help others. 


To being 1% better than yesterday,

Dr Charles Livingston

CEO of Lifeboost Coffee

Powerful story, right? Now go shine your light. 


**I am not affiliated with Lifeboost and I was not paid to write this. I just love coffee and appreciate the message from Dr. Charles Livingston.