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Tall Pines Retreat
Tall Pines Retreat
Tall Pines Retreat
Tall Pines Retreat
Tall Pines Retreat
Tall Pines Retreat
Tall Pines Retreat
Tall Pines Retreat
Tall Pines Retreat
Tall Pines Retreat
Tall Pines Retreat

Tall Pines Retreat

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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Do you have an old astrology reading tucked away in a drawer? You had the reading long ago but understood so little of it that you put it aside and forgot about it.

Raise your hand if you would appreciate being able to "KNOW THYSELF" more deeply and could benefit from really understanding your personal astrology and what it means for you in this lifetime.


If you're a little more curious than normal about astrology and how it can kickstart you going further faster in the year ahead, then you're at the right place.

This event is going to help you identify the 6 markers in your birth chart that will help you be able to really know yourself at a deeper level.

  • Imagine knowing what area of your life your hurdles might be in.
  • Imagine understanding where to find the tools for your special life.
  • Imagine finally grasping why people react to you the way that they do.
  • AND... discover where you might have good fortune or expanded opportunities.

You're going to print your own chart while coach and creator of the Energy Almanac, Tam Veilleux, is going to help you read it and make powerful sentences that you understand. These sentences you will keep with you during the year ahead and use them to counsel yourself.

Always fresh, always fun, and permanently transformational once you know where to look, astrology is your friend.

This class is for you and all of your friends. Sign up today. 


No past history or knowledge of astrology is necessary. This is for those of you who are just getting your feet wet. My signature teaching style will help you learn quickly and have lasting results. 


Tall Pines Amphitheatre is the perfect setting for those of you who are ready to connect the dots with the Universe. 


10 AM - 5 PM

One hour lunch break from 1-2 PM


  • General birth chart understanding
  • Planets
  • Zodiacs
  • Aspects
  • Houses
  • Learn how to create astro-sentences
  • Build your own wordbook
  • Workbook



  • Food and drink
  • Writing utensils
  • Clipboard or lap desk 
  • Your birth chart printed from www.Astro-charts.com 
  • Curiosity and sense of wonder




"Thank you for the class! I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Perhaps the biggest takeaway was learning the meaning behind the ascendant sign. Powerful stuff to understand how people see you. " - Nikki M, student


"You have a wonderful way of making things simple and fun. And everything I learned before just came right back to the forefront of my mind. And I have never been able to talk that mysterious Astro Speak. But how you do and teach Astro Sentences was the most amazing and powerful tool you could have ever given me. A huge thank you for that 🙏 I already had a basic idea how to apply transits to my current life and now coupled with your AstroSentences formula the light bulb 💡 in my head just got really really bright. I’ve just spent the last hour mapping out what I need to focus on in my life."  - Jenn O, student


"Thank you again for an interesting and generous three-day master class. For me, the main takeaway from the class was the astro sentences, which for me seem to provide a focused, tangible connection to the purpose and message of the elements of my chart. I know a good deal about my chart from past readings but astro sentences are a new, deeper element to all of that and I am grateful!"   - Chris M., student

"I love the class and your method."       -Lynn V, student


"I just wanted to send an email and say THANK YOU, so much, my understanding of astrology which I thought was decent - apparently I knew NOTHING outside of the sun/moon/rising. This made my understanding 100% better and I haven’t even seen night 2 yet!!!!"  - Alyssa B, student