Scripting Your Own Life [Digital Download] – Choose Big Change

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Scripting Your Own Life [Digital Download]

Scripting Your Own Life [Digital Download]

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End the pain of stuckness! Now you can connect the dots between your old brain patterns, your personal energy and the problems that consistently dog you. You can control your outcomes, be free to live out loud, and on your own terms. This Kindle Mini-book, Scripting Your Own Life, provides massive amounts of information to help you manage your outcomes.

Take action and get on with life. End the confusion, gain some clarity and move forward.

Scripting Your Own Life is full of:

  • Easily absorbed information about how your brain works and why it should matter to you
  • Twenty chapters of knowledge you need
  • The painful certainty that your mind chatter is working against you and how to quiet it
  • Particulars about energy: how it moves and how you can direct it if you choose to
  • The truth about your how your old experiences are affecting your current decision-making
  • Details about your existing belief system and the good news about it
  • More than a dozen ideas about how you can begin the process of rewiring yourself for happiness, clarity and success
  • A reading list for additional personal growth and development