Official Weirdo Certification – Choose Big Change

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Official Weirdo Certification
Official Weirdo Certification
Official Weirdo Certification
Official Weirdo Certification
Official Weirdo Certification
Official Weirdo Certification

Official Weirdo Certification

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Do you know someone who is a real weirdo?

Have you heard yourself saying "that person is officially a weirdo!"

Yes? That's what we thought. We all know someone who is truly unique in their thinking. They think and act outside of the box and we love them for it. Finally, we can register them as being Officially weird.

Register Your Weirdo Today

You have identified someone you know who is different, unique, and "special".  Thank you for that. Your Weirdo deserves recognition.

We are guessing your person loves the woo, spells magic with a "k", balances their chakras regularly, loves sound baths, carries a stone in their bra or in their pocket, and loves tree hugging, too. Your weirdo eats essential oils for breakfast, has incense burning during moon rituals and is an all around prayer warrior. 

They're weird, and you're proud.

Weirdos Are The Best of The Best

We see them and you as the best of the best, the cream of the crop and that's why we decided to register and certify them.

The Gift of Authenticity

As the saying goes, it isn't easy being cheesy. Standing up for standing out has great value. For everyone who feels different than others but is still a little uncomfortable, this is the perfect acknowledgement that you love them for who they are. Bolster a friend in need. Build their confidence and share your love for their weirdness. Call them like you see them, "Hey there, Weirdo, I love ya so I certified ya."

Identify Your Weirdo With A Certificate

Our Registered Official Weirdo kit is a digital file with six pages that you receive as soon as you complete your purchase. You will be sent:

  • Weirdo welcome letter

  • Framable certificate

  • List of reasons your weirdo qualifies

  • Registry visitation instructions

  • Printable membership card 

  • Manifestation coloring page

What a Gift 

Your printable files will arrive within minutes with instructions for registering your weirdo and printing your files. Within 24 hours you will be emailed with their registration number which you can then write onto the printed documents, wrap, and then present to the person in favor. 


WHAT IF MY WEIRDO DOESN'T WANT PUBLICITY? We get it, being a celebrity is difficult. If you want to register them Weirdo but not publicize their name, cool beans, we can simply use initials or a nick name.

CAN I REGISTER MYSELF? You Weirdo, of course you can!

IS THIS ONLY A DIGITAL DOWNLOAD? CAN YOU DO THIS FOR ME? Actually, this is only currently available as a digital download. We can't do this for you at this time, but we're working on it.

ARE YOU GIVING US PERMISSION TO BE OKAY BEING WEIRD? As the world evolves it's going to take more people standing in their truth, being authentic to their souls, and being ready to take a stand for all the things that we have been turned away from like meditation, intention setting, talking to the plants, and sound bathing. Now is the time to stay weird and be proud. Now, go hug a tree.

DO WEIRDOS ACTUALLY THINK NUMBERS MEAN SOMETHING SPECIAL? Yes, friend, they do. They understand that numbers vibrate an essence and that essence has meaning. Weirdos wait for and watch for repeating numbers to show up in their lives. 

**This fun, fresh gift is in jest only. It is not meant to harm nor damage the buyer nor the recipient. The Registry of Official Weirdos is only official in the minds of those who understand that life is game and everyone should laugh more often.