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Moon Deck Astrology Cards
Moon Deck Astrology Cards
Moon Deck Astrology Cards
Moon Deck Astrology Cards
Moon Deck Astrology Cards
Moon Deck Astrology Cards

Moon Deck Astrology Cards

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Learn astrology in a fun, fresh, and easy way.

Pull the Moon Cards!




If in your heart of hearts you've always wanted to understand astrology but the idea of math and reading hieroglyphics has scared you off, then The Moon Deck is for you.

  • Enjoy more meaningful moon rituals each month
  • Finally, understand aspects and transits
  • Benefit from a retrograde
  • Go deeper into your understanding of what the Universe is asking from you each  month
  • Evolve faster
  • For those just starting
  • Or as a teaching tool for teachers and speakers

Learning astrology can take years of practice and who has the time for that? Not you! Take a step closer to learning the ancient art of astrology by using the Moon Deck to assist you in understanding and aligning with the energies at play. 

Did you read in The Energy Almanac that the New Moon in Pisces is currently conjunct the Sun in Aquarius? Don't stay confused.

Go to your deck and pull:

  • New Moon
  • Pisces
  • Trine
  • Sun
  • Aquarius

Lay the cards out and reflect on the information. Read the questions. Listen to your soul. What question can you dwell on to bring your life to the next level? Use that question over the next many days. 

The information on the cards is kept simple with basic words and high-level themes. Go deeper with the information by studying the questions and applying them to your current situation.

Great for beginners and excellent for teachers of astrology, too! Gift your bestie a deck.

48 beautiful watercolor cards offer you:

  • 10 Planet 
  • 1 Asteroid 
  • 5 Aspect 
  • 8 Informational Cards
  • 12 Houses
  • 12 Zodiac signs

An ancient art. A new learning tool.