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Friendly Art Print
Friendly Art Print
Friendly Art Print

Friendly Art Print

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Art by Tam Veilleux is bold and vibrant and encourages the application of the quantum field. In this newest piece to the Bitty Witty collection, the topic of friendship is covered.

There's nothing like the sweet communication between friends. Allow the secret messages between trees to help you know you're never alone. Imagine the music of nature and allow these vibrant colors to warm your spirit and your living space.


"As a believer in the quantum field and having studied and applied neuroscience, I firmly believe that your environment impacts your internal state of happiness. If you live with gloomy art, then expect a gloomy attitude. On the other hand, surround yourself with happy, vibrant, joyful vibes and gain that in return. "

Comes with a sweet affirmation for personal use.

Good input equals good output.

Available as a 3 x 3" print on 5 x 7 paper, ready for a mat and frame or make it big and bold with an 8 x 8" print, ready for your mat and frame.

This original piece of art is 8 x 8" acrylic paint on watercolor paper. Available on this site. Please search art by Tam V.