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Flamingoes Original 4 x 4 Art
Flamingoes Original 4 x 4 Art
Flamingoes Original 4 x 4 Art
Flamingoes Original 4 x 4 Art
Flamingoes Original 4 x 4 Art
Flamingoes Original 4 x 4 Art

Flamingoes Original 4 x 4 Art

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Be like a flamingo and let your originality shine! This a one-of-a kind Flamingo Original 4 x 4" art! Fun, bold, and flamboyant, this creative acrylic and mixed media piece will have heads turning in your home environment and will remind you to always feel safe being you. Think of it as an animal totem. This is gift giving that you will remember a long time.

Discover the grace and beauty of the Flamingoes Original 4 x 4 Art. Featuring an original painting of a flamingo by Tam V, this stunning second collection of Flamingoes by Tam adds a touch of pink and symbolism to your walls. Enjoy the golden highlights adorning each piece.

The art of self-mastery, bold, dynamic capacity and the ability to balance, flamingo is a spectacular representation of that special someone.

It's the little things in life that matter, including art.

These 4 x 4" small but joyful original art pieces are by Tam V. Each piece is on a wood panel and framed in clear maple. 

Fill a small spot in your house with color. Put this over the coffee maker...near your printer...next to the key holder...over the toilet paper roll... on an easel at your bedside.

Comes framed in handmade clear maple. 

**Mock up in photo is for size example only. 

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Tam V is an artist living in Brunswick, Maine. Her colorful and happy vibe will raise yours. She honestly believes art should be fun. 

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Tam V Artist


"As a believer in the quantum field and having studied and applied neuroscience, I firmly believe that your environment impacts your internal state of happiness. If you live with gloomy art, then expect a gloomy attitude. On the other hand, surround yourself with happy, vibrant, joyful vibes and gain that in return. "  - Tam V

Fine art or fun art, surround yourself with what's good.

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