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Golden Girls Original Art
Golden Girls Original Art

Golden Girls Original Art

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Golden Girls


Three tulips sit together gabbing about yesterday's drama as they shine in the sun.

This 12 x 12" original art by Tam V is done on a masonite panel. The under layer is a multitude of of bold florals. The layers include acrylic marker and paint as well as water-soluble pencils.

Carefully and generously applied gold foil finishes the piece giving it striking allure.

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With soft and neon pinks, this is a beauty to behold. A black handmade frame holds the frame securely. 


"As a believer in the quantum field and having studied and applied neuroscience, I firmly believe that your environment impacts your internal state of happiness. If you live with gloomy art, then expect a gloomy attitude. On the other hand, surround yourself with happy, vibrant, joyful vibes and gain that in return. "  - Tam V

Fine art or fun art, surround yourself with what's good.

**Black Frame included.

**Shipping not included here