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Admit it. You’re curious. 


You’ve wondered what the planets have to tell you, but astro speak is over your head. What if you could easily understand astrology? Raise your hand if you appreciate:

  • Personal growth and development
  • Self-discovery through astrology
  • Meeting other people with similar interests
  • Fun, fresh teaching style that’s easy to follow

If you’re a little more curious than average when it comes to astrology and how it is playing out around you, then you’re in the right place.

Our time together will help you identify key transits happening that are affecting society at a global level. Imagine: 

…knowing why change is so rampant.

…understanding why you are noticing a spiritual flair around you.

…finally getting how astrology works and what part of your mind is affected. 

…and more.

This special event brings you together with the ancient wisdom of astrology for a next-level experience that deepens your understanding of the planets and your part in the shifting society. 

This is the ahhhhhh retreat with the build in a-ha moment you need to lead an easier life.

Now you can ditch struggle and strap on astrology.

Astrology is not just for astrologers.



July 23, 3-4:30

Boja's Bunaglow

Greenville, ME


More about Tam

Join Tam Veilleux, Cosmic Pretzel, the lead visionary of the Energy Almanac at the SYNC + THRIVE retreats. Acting as a transformational coach by day, artist and astrology groupie by night, she will help you learn how to shine bright, feel good, and live big with #AppliedAstrology.

Tam has been leading groups and individuals to greatness since 2012. With law of attraction, manifestation, energetics and now astrology under her belt, she brings her very Virgo personality to retreats under the name “Cosmic Pretzel.” 

Her passion is for helping people who are struggling with stagnation to connect the dots and evolve to their greatest version of themselves. Tam’s goal is to make transformation fast, fun, and easy through her illustrated products and services. Her company Big Sky Publishing is home to The Energy Almanac, which is holistic resource guide that offers weekly astrological predictions for the year ahead.

PRAISE for Tam's work!