Lights Out: Original Mixed Media Art – Choose Big Change

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Lights Out:  Original Mixed Media Art

Lights Out: Original Mixed Media Art

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"Buy a damn piece of art."  - Jordan Peterson says buying art brings you closer to the Divine. With bright colors and bold strokes this original art by artist Tam Veilleux will surely bring joy, another clue that you're nearer the divine. f

Make a bold statement with this piece in your living space, library, or kitchen. Show the world you are not afraid of color.

This piece was born during a power outage during early spring storm in April 2024. With no electricity and just the daylight to paint by I poured my dream of hot summer days into fresh mark making. 

She is framed with a handmade clear maple wood "reveal" style frame; simple in style so not to distract from the art herself.  

This 24" x 36" framed beauty will stop you in your tracks for a deep think.

Mixed with acrylic paint and tons of passion this larger than life piece nearly glows.