2024 Energy Almanac E-BOOK – Choose Big Change

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2024 Energy Almanac E-BOOK
2024 Energy Almanac E-BOOK
2024 Energy Almanac E-BOOK
2024 Energy Almanac E-BOOK
2024 Energy Almanac E-BOOK
2024 Energy Almanac E-BOOK
2024 Energy Almanac E-BOOK
2024 Energy Almanac E-BOOK
2024 Energy Almanac E-BOOK

2024 Energy Almanac E-BOOK

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The planets have a plan, and now you can plan according to the planets

Manage your future with the 2024 Energy Almanac. With this digital format and zodiac-based astrology predictions, this information is perfect for planning ahead and making sure you're ready for whatever the heavens throw your way. 

Know the best timing for your next retreat or vacation.

Understand which skills you'll be practicing in 2024.

Don’t wait for the beginning of every month for the next horoscope articles to drop.

Stop checking your app and start knowing ahead of time exactly what moves to make and when.

Apply astrological insight to help you stop striving and start THRIVING

The Energy Almanac for 2024 is your go-to one-stop-shop for the coming 12 months. With eye-catching art worthy of a frame, you can see in a jiffy where you should be directing your energy.


  • Get twelve months of information broken into 52 articles that dive deep into each week's energies
  • See exactly how the planets support your days, weeks, months -- then plan accordingly
  • Enjoy our frameable monthly overview page with illustrations and weekly DO THIS and DON'T DO THAT insights
  • Improve the timing of your movement by using the lunar cycle information
  • Know which gemstone will support your energetic alignment for the upcoming weeks
  • Profound articles on the topic of Finances and your personal stories
  • Self-care articles encourage you to be perfectly in sync with astrology
  • Take a journey through the major arcana and tarot's unique insights
  • Learn how to laugh with fun laughter articles that keep you giggling
  • Know which specific aromas will help balance and restore you - we’ll tell you which ones to use, when, and how
  • Enjoy beautiful illustrations of each of the zodiac signs as birds with reminder words to describe each one
  • Experience contributions by a professional Human Design astrologer, gem enthusiast, essential oil specialist, a movement teacher, health coach, and a forward-thinking mindset coach
  • Support your week through each moon cycle with the right tools
  • 180 pages with many journaling spaces included
  • A link to all of our partner BONUS OFFERS!

The astrology of the year ahead has been decoded and wrapped up into one beautiful book to keep at your bedside, desktop, or altar. Don't guess anymore! Plan according to the planets.

Go digital or go home!

Give the gift of foresight to yourself and those you love. Grab a paperback copy as a gift. 

Authors: Tam Veilleux (astrology, numerology, coaching), Janet Hickox (Human Design shadow work), Sara Rae (moon work) Sara Hugo (gemstones and aromatherapy),  Angie McCoy (numerology), Jen Serovy (tarot), Lady Kara (rituals), Hilery Hutchinson (self-care), Rhonda Hunt McCarthy (finances), Larissa Johnson (Laughter)

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