In Your Jammies Online Quarterly Retreat – Choose Big Change

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Annual In Your Jammies Review
Annual In Your Jammies Review
Annual In Your Jammies Review
Annual In Your Jammies Review
Annual In Your Jammies Review
Annual In Your Jammies Review
Annual In Your Jammies Review
Annual In Your Jammies Review
Annual In Your Jammies Review
Annual In Your Jammies Review

Annual In Your Jammies Review

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 Fifth Annual In Your Jammies

Review, Reflect, Renew  Retreat

January 7, 2023

❤️10-2 ❤️

End every year on a high note, ONLINE 


Land on your feet while in your slippers. Gather your business besties, find your friends, and come together. We will look back so you can move forward. The age of Aquarius begs that we gather in groups. 

Enjoy a deep dive into the last little while, listen in on the energies and opportunities that will present themselves to you in the forthcoming coming year and come out with a high-level plan for what's next for you. 

What the heck happened while you sleep-walked through the previous months?

Think quick! Did you honor commitments, meet goals, and reach for the low hanging fruit? Together we will take a hard look at what's been going on! And the coolest part...???

You can do you in person with other women in business or do this from the comfort of your home with your jammies on! You'll be provided a safe container for you to process life and business, learn a little more about astrology and what's going to happen in the next few months.


If a days away sounds delightful and a deep guided dive into the last twelve months seems smart, then pull out your jammies and meet me in your living room Together me, you, and your business bestie will Review, Reflect, and Renew. Your life and business deserves this. 

This beautiful retreat includes:

  • Collecting and analyzing data points
  • Important reflection inducing journal questions to shine a light on your successes and failures
  • Identify fears and ongoing patterns that need to be interrupted
  • EFT Tapping breakthrough guided by your own Cosmic Pretzel, coach Tam Veilleux
  • Goal setting segment and a breakdown of how to actually achieve your goals with a little more grace
  • Big space for truth telling, grace, tears, and laughter
  • A sacred workbook for safekeeping your writing
  • Fun challenges with even better prizes

    Whether you join online and stream this later, you are welcome to enter frazzled and leave refreshed and powerful. Either way you are cordially invited.  

    The goal is to look your past right in the eye and see what the actual influences were in the previous year.

    As we look to the year ahead we will:

    • Review the last 12  months in depth
    • Talk about the Mercury Retrogrades and how to move and shake AFTER the retrogrades are over
    • Reflect on how you did through a powerful comparison process
    • Renew your enthusiasm toward life and business
    • Actively set intentions for the year based on the astro-energetics at play
    • AND, you'll be comfy and cozy do all of your deep processing with an experienced emotional transformation coach
    • And... you get brag time to share your business, your grandchildren, your super cool hobby or your amazing jammies.



    • A schedule for the day
    • A sacred workbook to work through
    • Time and space to process emotions
    • Guided work sessions
    • Timely astrological information
    • Additional exercises to do after the retreat is over to keep the energy flowing
    • A replay sent to your email inbox in case you can't make our scheduled time together.

    Everything comes with a Zero Judgement promise. 


    "Yesterday's In Your Jammies Retreat was wonderful. I was so tired when it was all over. Thanks for creating space to do that work."   -A Nourse, Strategy Coach



    Will there be recordings? 

    Of course! The recordings will be emailed to all participants on Monday, January 9 before end of day.

    I don't know astrology, does that matter?

    No. It doesn't matter that you don't know astrology because I do know it. I'm here to guide you through what the planets have done and will do. Rest assured, you're in good hands.


    Your host

    Tam Veilleux

    Tam Veilleux is a quantum lifestyle coach, creative, and owner of Big Sky Publishing. Her passion is for helping people who are struggling with stagnation to connect the dots and evolve to their greatest version of themselves. Her goal is to make transformation fast, fun, and easy through her illustrated products and services. Her company Big Sky Publishing is home to The Energy Almanac, which is a holistic resource guide that offers an astrological look at the year ahead.

    "So grateful to you for helping me break through the YUCK and play all out in all arenas. THANK YOU."  - Tracey P. 



    This a super-safe space for you to hang out. As an experienced coach, we'll process as needed. As an astrology junkie and reporter, I can guide you through the energies that are forthcoming. As a human being hung up on spiritual development and transformation, I'll build a safe container for you to do your big work.