Saturn Square Uranus December 24 – Choose Big Change

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Saturn Square Uranus December 24

A Holiday Gift That Keeps Giving

No holiday season is complete without a gift that is given all year long, and so it is with the December 24, 2021 Saturn aspecting Uranus in a hard square. Oh, will the twists and turns of 2021 ever end?


An astrological square is two planets at a ninety degree angle on the zodiac. It’s a big energy that creates confrontation and, hopefully, over time a compromise is found. The tug of war of Saturn and Uranus is a thread that will run through all of 2022. One side will pull and jerk the other a few feet forward and the same will happen again in the other direction. It’s tense and dynamic and it’s happening in the background of our lives at a societal level. It’s the dance between slow steady progress and surprising changes to society.

You may remember the plot twists of 2021. You thought you were going here but somehow it felt itchy and you had to change direction and ended up someplace else. You probably also recall the changes in institutions as we currently know them. If you think hard, you can literally feel the tension between crypto currencies and traditional banking, alternative therapies versus traditional, the desire for freedom but the fear of letting go of what you know, and so on. 

For fun, while reading this article make four columns. Title them Saturn, Aquarius, Uranus, and Taurus. As  you are reading this article, pick two words or phrases for each of these titles and write them in the appropriate column.


Let’s make this clearer with a brief overview of Saturn the traditionalist. Saturn  represents the Cosmic Thumb. Imagine a gigantic hand coming over the planet and the thumb pressing all of its weight down over you. That pressure and confinement you’d feel represents Saturn. It rules karmic lessons, hurdles, mentorship, and seriousness. You could say it loves tradition. In mundane astrology Saturn rules big business, institutions, the elderly, and he’s not typically open to negotiation. Pick one word or phrase from the Saturn description above and remember it or write it down.

Saturn is currently ruling Aquarius, so let’s visit that. 


Aquarius is the forward thinking rebel with a cause. Here you have independence and uniqueness. An intellectual sign, it rules “groups of people” making them humanitarian by nature. They are little unpredictable and emotionally aloof. Now pick one word from the Aquarius description and add to your collection of words. Imagine a slick silver jumpsuit as an outfit for an Aquarius.

Saturn’s heavy and slow personality while wearing the Aquarius silver jumpsuit is uncomfortable. Saturn wants things “as is”, while Aquarius wants to bust out of the norm. It’s not a great fit.

There is one side of the upcoming square, Saturn in Aquarius.


Now we visit Uranus, the great revolutionary. Here we have impetus to change and change fast! Uranus brings liberation, flexibility, inspiration, and real breakthroughs. It involves the higher, more spiritual mind. In the mundane world she creates unruly events, wild weather, and technology advances. Pick a word or phrase that you resonate with about Uranus.

Uranus is in the sign of Taurus through all of 2022 and into July of 2025. That’s a long time of creating change! But what is changing? 


Let’s talk about Taurus, the sign of the bull. Steadfast and loyal, Taurus rules the material world of resources such as money and tangibles. It cares about what we value internally. Taurus is the sign of possessions (art, jewelry, cash, etc) and domesticity. In the mundane sense it’s possessions and agriculture. Imagine denim overalls with pockets filled with flowers and silver coins to represent Taurian energy. Now, pick one word or phrase and memorize it. 

Change-creating Uranus wearing the denim overalls of the farmer, Taurus. This yeoman had better have space in those pants to move quickly. Uranus is revolutionizing money, assets, and what we find valuable. It’s asking us to think ahead, delve into the future and be inspired to create change in those areas. It also says, “Hold onto your hat, there’s some disruption and big weather ahead.”

That’s the second side of the coin called Saturn square Uranus. Both sides of the coin are a little “off”. Saturn isn’t loving his silver jumpsuit and Uranus is about to rip off the overalls. Uranus is always admiring the silver jumpsuit which feels so futuristic and Saturn would love the ease of overalls which would help it get down to business. There’s an obvious internal struggle present with themselves plus they are about to go head to head. 


Now imagine this. Saturn and Uranus are in a major tug of war. Saturn has it’s thumb on freedom seeking groups of people and Uranus is trying to disrupt our resources. Which will win, is it traditional ways or digital? Is it status quo or are we discovering new ways with technology and of course, money? It’s stressful. Each side is pulling the other and the options are many, and you will surely notice the tension in the outer world.

Remember the words and phrases you committed to writing down? Mix and match them for some potential results of the Saturn Uranus square. Some possibilities include: 


Groups of intuitive freedom seeking people wiggle their way past the boundaries (SATURN in AQUARIUS), understanding their karmic lesson (SATURN) and proceed with vigor toward a new future that serves the collective by changing the monetary system (URANUS in TAURUS) using a gold backed (SATURN) crypto currency (URANUS).

Or maybe…

Limitations of freedom continue (SATURN in AQUARIUS) and the changes that intuitively need to happen (URANUS) are repressed (SATURN) as people revert back to living off the land, becoming more dependent on local agriculture and bartering (URANUS in TAURUS).

Let’s try again. This time you pick out what is URANUS, SATURN, AQUARIUS, OR TAURUS.

Getting outside of the box  and reaching for freedom of innovation is easeful because plans, forms, and structures are placed carefully and are well timed. Meanwhile a higher-mindness takes over the current financial system and individuals are found to feel more stable, conservative, and practical with their resources.

And on and on and on it goes. The possibilities that the Saturn Uranus square bring are endless and ultimately it’s a matter of who will soften first, groups of people (AQUARIUS/URANUS) or perhaps the individuals at the top of the food chain will have a strong hold on what happens (SATURN/TAURUS). What sentences or ideas did you come up with as a possibility? Remember, that’s what astrology is, possibilities based on strong personalities (PLANETS)  and the outfits they wear (ZODIACS). 


Either way, humanity is in for a “hold onto your hat” season for most of 2022 as these two planets are in a tight orb for most of the year. You will notice the turmoil. Your best bet is to keep coming back to the mantra, “I am making tea, not war.” Your harmonious attitude toward the inevitable change will assist the collective in getting that much closer to the prize, which is, of course, peaceful co-existence. Mind you, this Saturn square Uranus occurs in conjunction with America’s Pluto Return, but that is for another time.


SATURN: stillness, planning, checking the timing of your actions, take personal responsibility

AQUARIUS: intuition (stillness required), forward thinking planning, be willing to hear others opinions

URANUS: tune into your heart, concern yourself with the good of the group, be inquisitive, expect a shift, and allow it

TAURUS: be in nature to soothe your soul (stillness), release fixed thinking, be creative in your solutions

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