The Energy Almanac (Tam Veilleux) with Britt Bolnick – Choose Big Change

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The Energy Almanac (Tam Veilleux) with Britt Bolnick

Tam Veilleux, creator of the Energy Almanac, and experienced business coach Britt Bolnick have a fun late night chat about running a business, having a family, and massive dreams. 

Bending time is a much needed and practical skill that you too can learn. Meet Britt Bolnick of In Arms Coaching and witness how The Magick of Bending Time, her best selling book title, can benefit your life. 

Everything is possible when you bend time. Find out for yourself!

Visit the bonus U R L here.  and grab Britt's free Future You audio which leads you through a visualization of your incredible future self.

**In Arms Coaching is a proud partner of the Energy Almanac. Her offer to readers is available using the U R L inside the book margins of the 2022 edition of the Energy Almanac.


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