Do You Do A Month End Review? – Choose Big Change

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Do You Do A Month End Review?

It's month end. How was life this month? Not sure? You'd better do a review!

Having a practice of a monthly check-in gives you the opportunity to see if you are advancing or stagnating. Create a scale you'll use all the time (mine is 1 through 7 with 7 being "excellent").

Keep a list that says Time, Money, Health, Relationships. Measure how you feel in each of those areas and then check in with yourself regularly.

If you're a two in the area of money then work on those old stories that keep you down. Find out if those old ideas about money are true or not and make peace with them. Emotional Freedom Technique is our favorite way to eliminate old stories.

If you're weak in the area of relationships then decide what you'll do to hone your skills to be a better human.

Put a reminder in your cell phone, and in your Magic Makers Planner to do this on the same day every month. Develop the habit of reviewing yourself. Check in on how well you applied yourself. 

What you give your attention to grows. Charting yourself with twos all the time will show you that you're not putting in the effort required to improve your life. On the other hand, noticing 10's across the board is reason to celebrate!

As we like to say, "Do the work. It works." End every month with a good review.

Of course, if you have the Magic Maker's Planner and Playbook, then you get an end of month review page included!

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