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The Energy Almanac really is all that (and a bag of COSMIC pretzels), but there is nothing like great bonuses to go with a great book. 

FREE 2024 Retrograde Report

Artist, alchemist, astro-junkie Tam Veilleux brings you a ten page report addressing what retrograde means and why you should care. This in-depth look at the 2023 planetary movements and how they can help you is yours for free. Enjoy a printable and pinnable schedule of when the retrogrades will happen and how you can show up with more clarity and confidence during each of them. Enjoy a visually appealing look at the S  L  O  W  times and let the guiding questions simplify stress along with the 2023 Energy Sketch and Numerology Sketch. 

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FREE Natal Astrology Chart & Report 

As you may have noticed, astrology is a complex system of discovering the truth of who you are. Wouldn't it be nice to have a visual and downloadable version of your specific natal Astrology? Well, as a reader of The Energy Almanac, that's exactly what I, Janet Hickox, master astrologer, am offering you - click below to get your free Astrology Chart and your approximately 30 pages of description of YOU.  
This is your Astrology Chart & Report. Click HERE.

FREE Guide Spiritual Meanings of Each Moon Phase 

You already know the new and full moons are extra magical. But did you know all eight moon phases have spiritual significance? They represent an opportunity to either manifest, reflect, take action, or rest. This free guide by Sara Rae, writer of the moon section of the 2023 Energy Almanac, will outline it for you so you can live more in tune with the moon cycles each month!

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FREE 30-minute Numerology Reading

Your LIFE PURPOSE unlocks the key to your happiness, excitement, fulfillment, talents, and success. If you embraced your purpose you would feel inspired with life, know what makes you feel alive, understand what fulfills you at your core and be excited to get up in the morning. In this 1-on-1 30 minute Live session, Angie McCoy is going to help you realign with what you love, what feeds you, and what inspires you so you can live a life of purpose. 

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Get 15% off the Energy Almanac Candle Club

Handmade intention candles by Poppy Mountain Rituals is an incredible experience you'll enjoy month after month. The candle of the month is carefully curated to support you in your daily ritual journey and energetic alignment for the upcoming weeks. Each Candle of the Month for 2023 is designed to pair with month-by-month astrology forecasts found inside your Energy Almanac. 

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FREE Online 2024 Self-Care Course

Are you ready for a deep dive into self-care and healing? Make 2024 a beautiful year of nourishing your body, mind, and spirit. Hilery has created an amazing online self-care course that will support you throughout the year with the tools you need. Every Sunday you will gain access to a new self-care or healing practices that will enable you to fill your cup and step into your highest Self.

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FREE Digital Download Celebration Calendar 

Would you like to laugh more often? It takes practice to develop the habit of celbrating! To encourage your laughter journey and the benefits laughter brings, this downloadable document will provide you with 12 really fun annual celebrations that will surely bring more laughter into your life. These national and international celebrations will have you giggling or guffawing your way through 2024 as you enjoy the Energy Almanac laughter articles, too.

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FREE Generational Energy Healing Scan

Has Grandma got you down? We don't realize it, but we carry burdens that aren't even ours. Grandparents trials and traumas are shared with you via DNA. You can release the heavy load that was passed down to you in your cellular makeup from past generations through frequency healing. When you heal yourself energetically you make the way easier for those who come after you. Enjoy a generational emotion bio-resonance body scan and experience freedom, better health, and bigger happiness. Sharon Little is your New Vibes Holistic Healer. 

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