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The Energy Almanac really is all that (and a bag of COSMIC pretzels), but there is nothing like great bonuses to go with a great book. 



The 2022 Retrograde Report

Astrology enthusiast, author, and coach Tam Veilleux brings you a ten page report addressing what retrograde means and why you should care. This in-depth look at the 2022 planetary movements and how they can help you is yours for free. Enjoy a printable and pinnable schedule of when the retrogrades will happen and how you can show up with more clarity and confidence during each of them. Enjoy a visually appealing look at the S  L  O  W  times and let the guiding questions simplify stress.

Grab your Retrograde Report HERE. 

Human Design Free Report

Did you know that Human Design aligns you with the authentic, energetic you! Through Human Design you can discover how you are meant to make the best decisions for YOU, and how you are designed to have healthy relationships. Together with Astrology, Human Design adds another level of getting to know your truth and shows you how to live the best life for you!
As a reader of the Energy Almanac, you'll have free access to the first chapter of my new book, Live By AstroDesign 2022. This book takes you week-by-week through 2022, helping you better understand the energetics of your Astrology, Human Design, and Gene Keys so you can unlock your best potential! Click here for your copy. 
This is your Human Design calendar. Click HERE.

Get your music playlist! 

Click here to grab your curated music list for 2022. It's full of a wide genre of incredible artists. Click HERE. 

Pure Potential With Essential Oils Video Series

A Video Series to support you with unbinding from the stories that hold you back from living a life of freedom + abundance

Through this short mini video series, me, Rochelle Hubbard to you, received daily over a week, I will share with you some of the techniques I take women through to help unbind from their old stories, and rewrite new ones that they can move forward with to build the life they are worthy of. We will use essential oils to connect energetically to the work we are undertaking, thereby anchoring the process further into our consciousness. When we use essential oils as we work on these deeper parts of ourselves, we are creating an aromatic reference for us to come back to in moments that we need a reminder of why we are committed to the process, and that we are deserving of the rewards. Much love, Rochelle. 

This is your video series sign up page. Click HERE.  


2022 Gemstone Map & Audio File 

Your 2022 Gemstone map includes photos of all the stones for 2022 as well as keywords for their most potent intentions. Each stone also has a custom mantra! Your map is a quick reference and resource to support you throughout the year. Print it out, hang it up, laminate it….or even cut it up into little cards to keep on hand. But wait, there’s more! The second part of your gift is an audio meditation which can be used with any gemstone to tap into nurturing and empowering energies to ground and ignite your being. 

Grab your map and audio file HERE.   


Rest To Digest: 5 Habits for Healthy Living 

Grab this easy to read version of how to move forward with clarity, ease, and energy and see how coach Melissa Rivara unpacked life’s challenges to come out on the other side feeling full of purpose and happiness. 

Click HERE to unpack your life challenges:  


15 Minute Health Reading

Have you ever wondered what your body wanted to tell you? Have an experience health medium tune in and tell you what’s up. Everyone should know their health numbers and for readers of the Energy Almanac, there’s a deal for you. Know your personal levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Sinz, Glutathione, Spleen health, and Bone Marrow levels. When you know these numbers you can fend off flu, viruses, and the common cold. Ray Veilleux, a health intuitive for more than 15 years, can give you the energy insights you need. This 15 minute health reading for just $50. Regularly $250 per hour.

Send an email with subject line “15 for 50” to: 


A Three Card Tarot Reading

What’s in the cards for you for 2022? Ask your one big question of experienced tarot reader, Ronda Dodge. Her priceless information will help you know what to expect in the year ahead. Get a 3 card reading based on your one question for just $20. 

Send an email with subject line “3 For 20” to:


Free Quartz Necklace With A $30 Purchase

Visit VIBE Jewelry Company for stunning gemstone pendants that you can mix and match and stack to create your own personal vibe each day. Enjoy naturally charged gemstone jewelry for your heart and soul. 

Receive a free crystal quartz necklace with any purchase of $30 or more to bring balance and harmony and clarity. 

Visit the shop and use code: ASTROLOGY

Go HERE to start shopping.  


The “Future You” Guided Meditation

Take a guided journey made just for you to clearly envision your future...what you desire, want, and need. This is your first step in bending time for yourself so that your time becomes a container for everything that you love. PLUS, grab a pretty journal worksheet to record your vision and add to your journal to keep your focus as you move through “The Magick of Bending Time”. Grab your copy of the book HERE.  

Get your bonus gift HERE 


What divine messages does source have for your soul-based business in 2022? Amplify your 2022 Energy Almanac results with this pre-recorded channeling from Source. Use Divine Guidance to support the growth of your soul-guided business for each quarter of 2022. Coach Allyson Scammell, a master intuitive coach, helps soul-guided entrepreneurs earn more, serve more, and grow spiritually along the way. 

Click HERE to download your channelled audio guide for 75% off.   

Use coupon code: 2022


Heal your home of clutter and stagnant energy with the Home Compass system. Balance your using our simplified Feng Shui principles while releasing stagnant emotion using EFT tapping, essential oils, and gemstones. 

HOME HEALING SESSION... 45 minutes of balancing space and uncovering hidden emotions plus a personalized healing protocol. Click HERE. 

FREE AUDIO MEDITATION to heal your home, free when you sign up for the Heal Your Home newsletter. Click HERE.