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SYNC Lifebook
SYNC Lifebook
SYNC Lifebook
SYNC Lifebook
SYNC Lifebook
SYNC Lifebook

SYNC Lifebook

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Did you know that based on your personal birthday there is a specific time for marketing, networking, branding, culling, creating, and every other step you need to take in your life and business?

Find your flow... Stay Your Natural Course.

Your natural course is personally yours and it's based on your personal birth date, time, and location. It's found in your astrological houses. Each house, as you are inside of it offers you new insights and direction about what you should be working on. You'll know when is the right time for a retreat and when is the time to put your pedal to the metal.

Use your birthday to map your personal chart for success. Buy this product one time and then, once outlined, you can use the SYNC Map for the rest of your life.

  • Identify your personal month for addressing finances
  • Learn when to address your  appearance, your ego, your family
  • Know which day of the year is your personal Harvest Day
  • Stop beating your head against the wall wondering when to do what
  • Arrange your schedule so that cocooning feels right, even when everyone else is running around
  • Address admin issues at exactly the right time

The SYNC Lifebook is:

  • A personalized map of the year ahead
  • Date ranges listed to identify which astrological house you are in and instructions about what to do inside of each house
  • Four specialized days for you to recognize and work with
  • a 70 page PDF with direct actions to take for each season you are in
  • Questions that access your unconscious mind
  • Worksheets to help you think outside of your normal way



Where is the group forum? The private forum is available at 

Do I have to do this all year long? You have this information for the rest of your life. Once your map is made, it's good forever. 

I am confused about the process here, please help. Once you make your investment and provide your natal birth insight Tam will map your houses. You will receive a PDF copy of more than 60 pages of worksheets and information for you to begin working through. Tam will identify which house you are currently in and how to begin to apply the house map to your goals. You get to run with it from there.

What if I need more? Join the SYNC group coaching program, called Sync Starters, or get private SYNC coaching at any time. Those products are available on this website.