{TAPPING SCRIPT} Are you needing better money habits?

Those money habits you have could be hurting you. It's so easy to fall into the trap of doing bad things for long periods of time especially about money.

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The 3 Steps to Change or as I like to say, “The ABC’s of Change”

I wanted to post a quick reminder about the ABC's aka how you change into a life you love, one of laughter, friendships, a career you dig and money, too.

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For Families Dealing with Addiction and Recovery

Narcan and a unnamed triage nurse allowed The Addict to choose life over heroin.

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Rudy’s Challenge- A food for thought story

Rudy is a kind guy. He’s genuinely nice and of gentle spirit. Generous with his time and empathetic of others, he has given his life to helping children without solid opportunity.

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[VIDEO] EFT Tapping Therapy. Up-level Yourself Into Change

If you can feel that nudge of change going on inside your body but you can't put your finger on it, then this video is for you. Up-level yourself!

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EFT Tapping Script, “Delicious This”

The Delicious This Tapping Prayer is one you can use when you recognize that you’re not feeling so hot. You recognize frustration, sadness, fear or even pain.

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Learning Through Observation from Real Housewives -Part 1

Bravo's Real Housewives shows are terrific training grounds for life coaches. The airwaves are filled with self-indulgence, all-about-me-isms, and how not to be conscious. Mind you, it also has some terrific examples of authenticity, strength and powerful love.

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End Mental Laziness

Occasionally we all slip and suffer from mental laziness. You've been there. You have experienced that moment when you realize you've lost sight of the dream. You wake up and wonder why am I still right here? Where is that big goalpost? I've done it, too. Even being an energy coach and success strategist it happens to me.

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Three Reasons You’re Still Stuck

Stuck stinks. A recent client called and said “I just feel so stuck! I'm discouraged and confused about my future. I feel it's probably just easier to become a hermit and avoid life altogether.” Oh no, I thought, a sinking ship.

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There Is No Pill To Fix Lazy

Change is damn scary and there is no pill to fix lazy. Once the idea of staying small is more painful than pushing through the pain of growth, it's imperative that we take action and not be lazy about it.

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