Your Obituary: Think About What You Think About

About My Friend’s Obituary
Two days ago I received this email from an associate who is a consultant and coach. His name is Coach Bru. I read his newsletter faithfully because I trust, respect and constantly learn from him. I was struck this week by the subject line of the email. It was obituary-style including the […]

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Super Sparkly Day

What if you choose to have a super sparkly day?
Honestly, I recognize that it sounds so cheesy to have a super sparkly day, but really, isn’t having a “better than average” day all about choosing to take it on. Look at the customer service rep in the video below…

(You smiled, didn’t you?)

She’s having a great […]

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Always Be Choosing

We all have external reactions based on our brain's historical imprints. The neural pathways that formed as you passed from the diaper stage to the puberty stage and into adulthood as you witnessed millions of hours of, well, life

What About EFT?

What is that EFT?
EFT or emotional freedom techniques were developed by Gary Craig. His cutting edge work in the field of self-healing has affected many lives for the better. There are hundred, probably thousands, of examples of disease being healed through the process of tapping meridian points as we speak to our subconscious minds. I […]

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Tag Team TV and Monique Wells

I am excited to introduce my audience to Monique Wells, productivity and stress management specialist and exciting muti-preneur! On Friday, May 31 she and I are going to play on my Tag Team Spreecast. Julie Bradshaw was my last Tam TV guest and she was pleased to tag Monique for her excellent work relative […]

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