End Mental Laziness

Occasionally we all slip and suffer from mental laziness. You've been there. You have experienced that moment when you realize you've lost sight of the dream. You wake up and wonder why am I still right here? Where is that big goalpost? I've done it, too. Even being an energy coach and success strategist it happens to me.

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Mind Over Matter

The making of magic, and the concept of mind over matter seems silly. But how painful and how silly is it to stay stuck? The choice is always

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Your First Step Toward Change

Your first step toward change can seem so daunting. “I suffer with anxiety” or “I am battling stuckness” or “It's hard for me to be happy”, all of these words I hear regularly.

Three Reasons You’re Still Stuck

Stuck stinks. A recent client called and said “I just feel so stuck! I'm discouraged and confused about my future. I feel it's probably just easier to become a hermit and avoid life altogether.” Oh no, I thought, a sinking ship.

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There Is No Pill To Fix Lazy

Change is damn scary and there is no pill to fix lazy. Once the idea of staying small is more painful than pushing through the pain of growth, it's imperative that we take action and not be lazy about it.

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Your Bold Year Ahead – 2014

Sometimes choosing a focus word is easier than writing a goal or a resolution. I challenge you to pick a word or phrase that shakes you at a gut level and focus on it like laser. But how do you select a word to focus on? You simply ask. Ask your unconscious mind to answer the question: "What should I focus on this year?" You know the answer to your own questions, you simply need to stop the chatter and be willing to listen to and feel your result.

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Know Your Values [video]

There are literally hundreds of possible values combinations that could be right. Decide today which values matter to you.

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How Happy Are You?

We all have a way of keeping things together publicly. You know how it goes, you get all dressed up to go out with friends and tell them how great everything flows. Your social media posts are filled with quotes about how happy and amazing your life is.

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B is for Belief Systems [the ABC’s of Change]

Your internal belief systems need to align with your dreams. Too many people give up the dream right when they are on the brink of attaining it.

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The *Hit List

You can't hit a target that you can't see. When you are ready to dive into self-help and self-healing you need to know what has caused your pain. You need to consider what the problems are that need the most attention.

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