Your personal beliefs are imprinted in your brain and in your subconscious mind and they run the show called “your life”.

Age is Just A State of Mind – Never Grow up

Growing Up Is Optional
Age is just a state of mind. I’ve long taken a stand against growing up. Growing old, MEH. Growing up, NEVER! It just doesn’t seem my style. My father used to say to me when I was in my thirties and still playing fast pitch women’s softball “Tam, you’re going to have […]

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Rudy’s Challenge- A food for thought story

Rudy is a kind guy. He’s genuinely nice and of gentle spirit. Generous with his time and empathetic of others, he has given his life to helping children without solid opportunity.

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Tapping for Peace and Physical Healing – Rebecca’s Story

Rebecca revealed to me that she had been dealing with some high level anger. Her sad story involved a grandchild that was being withheld from her by one of the child's parents.

How To Begin Change with the RRR Method.

How you ask. How do I begin to change? I get that question a lot. People will ask "How do I get as happy as you, as optimistic as you, as light as you?" Long ago when these questions first came I had to stop and think about this and sort through it. It occurred to me that I never publicly shared the answer.

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Stop the Self-Sacrifice

Because our beliefs are formed at an early age, often before we are consciously aware we are being formed, traveling back in time to meet with that little boy or girl can be transformative. The following true story

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3 Reasons To Make Peace With The Past

When you make peace with the past memories, that little pink heart in your brain/unconscious mind seems to grow.

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Know Your Values [video]

There are literally hundreds of possible values combinations that could be right. Decide today which values matter to you.

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B is for Belief Systems [the ABC’s of Change]

Your internal belief systems need to align with your dreams. Too many people give up the dream right when they are on the brink of attaining it.

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Your Obituary: Think About What You Think About

About My Friend’s Obituary
Two days ago I received this email from an associate who is a consultant and coach. His name is Coach Bru. I read his newsletter faithfully because I trust, respect and constantly learn from him. I was struck this week by the subject line of the email. It was obituary-style including the […]

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Super Sparkly Day

What if you choose to have a super sparkly day?
Honestly, I recognize that it sounds so cheesy to have a super sparkly day, but really, isn’t having a “better than average” day all about choosing to take it on. Look at the customer service rep in the video below…

(You smiled, didn’t you?)

She’s having a great […]

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