Do Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

f you're hatching big dreams, and want to count your chickens before they hatch, no matter your age, don't be afraid to use these steps to dream building:

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What Is The End Result?

They're genuine in their question, they honestly don't understand the process or the actual end result of taking on a coach. For that reason alone I thought I'd explain here what coaching is and what the end result can be for you.

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Quantum Mastermind

Our sole (perhaps SOUL) purpose is to grow each other's dreams, goals and visions, as one woman says, “We're an incubator.” I think of it as a quantum master mind.

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Don’t Get Comfortable

Don't get too comfortable when setting goals.

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Three Reasons You’re Still Stuck

Stuck stinks. A recent client called and said “I just feel so stuck! I'm discouraged and confused about my future. I feel it's probably just easier to become a hermit and avoid life altogether.” Oh no, I thought, a sinking ship.

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