Review and Renew 2015: Start with Pen, Paper and an Emotional Detox

Isn't it a great feeling to wipe the slate clean and begin again? I think so. I know you will enjoy the opportunity to review and renew. Invest time in this process. Today I'm offering you a few ideas for kicking off 2016.

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You Don’t Need Google Play You Need YouTunes

Your mind is tuned in all day long to your special YouTunes station. It's heard you day after day, year after year and it listens to you like a well trained dog.

Objects In the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

It used to make me laugh, you know, that little bit of text printed on automobile mirrors “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”. But one day it struck me, like a cold slap in the face from a hot hand, as I was considering the spiritual mirror. I love those moments when […]

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Only 3 Minutes! Tapping To Let It In

Take only 3 minutes of your day. Decide what you want to let into your life: freedom, money, wealth, more joy, greater health, wisdom, grace, strength. You decide what "it" is .

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Your Bold Year Ahead – 2014

Sometimes choosing a focus word is easier than writing a goal or a resolution. I challenge you to pick a word or phrase that shakes you at a gut level and focus on it like laser. But how do you select a word to focus on? You simply ask. Ask your unconscious mind to answer the question: "What should I focus on this year?" You know the answer to your own questions, you simply need to stop the chatter and be willing to listen to and feel your result.

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