December 2016 EnergySketech

This month listen for intuition and integrity within yourself. You'll have plenty of time for this during Mercury Retrograde which begins officially on December 19.

A Happy Thanksgiving Blessing – Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving. Lets take a moment to review what it's really all about.

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Do Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

f you're hatching big dreams, and want to count your chickens before they hatch, no matter your age, don't be afraid to use these steps to dream building:

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6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues – Make this Winter Count

The question is, why would you let it be anything but a great time to rejuvenate. Much like the resting perennials asleep under the snow and cold, you too can use the winter as a time for going inward to create plans for a remarkable new year.

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Guest Post by Sandy McDougall of The Maverick’s Edge

Since this is the end of summer, the end of the busy rush-each-day to get more done season, I thought perhaps you, my dear readers, could appreciate the words from a maverick leader, Sandy McDougall. Absorb and enjoy and by all means Question Authority!

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Raise A Stink or Rejoice

Why raise a stink with unkind thoughts when you have the option of finding what's right in your life or what's right with your neighbor or what's good abou ...

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Objects In the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear

It used to make me laugh, you know, that little bit of text printed on automobile mirrors “objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”. But one day it struck me, like a cold slap in the face from a hot hand, as I was considering the spiritual mirror. I love those moments when […]

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Quantum Mastermind

Our sole (perhaps SOUL) purpose is to grow each other's dreams, goals and visions, as one woman says, “We're an incubator.” I think of it as a quantum master mind.

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Only 3 Minutes! Tapping To Let It In

Take only 3 minutes of your day. Decide what you want to let into your life: freedom, money, wealth, more joy, greater health, wisdom, grace, strength. You decide what "it" is .

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Mind Over Matter

The making of magic, and the concept of mind over matter seems silly. But how painful and how silly is it to stay stuck? The choice is always

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