Life Simplified Radio

I was so honored to be a guest speaker on Life Simplified Radio. Listen in on our chat about values, coaching and creating change.

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Your YouTunes Station, Part 2

Have your earbuds ready to loop this YouTunes station into your brain. After writing and recording this special message to your mind you're about to lift off into an amazing new way of being.

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4 Solutions | How To Stop Being Out of Alignment

Get your mind, body and spirit back on the same page with 4 easy solutions to help you stop being out of alignment.
But first, let me fill you in on the event that inspired me to share this with you.

I was returning from a short jaunt to the garden when I heard “Hey…” It was that sweet […]

Success is Subjective | Climbing The Ladder of Success

Success is subjective, isn't it? We each have a unique idea of what the requirements are. A fifty cent raise may put one person over the moon with pride yet it may take a fifty thousand dollar...

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Guest Post by Sandy McDougall of The Maverick’s Edge

Since this is the end of summer, the end of the busy rush-each-day to get more done season, I thought perhaps you, my dear readers, could appreciate the words from a maverick leader, Sandy McDougall. Absorb and enjoy and by all means Question Authority!

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Raise A Stink or Rejoice

Why raise a stink with unkind thoughts when you have the option of finding what's right in your life or what's right with your neighbor or what's good abou ...

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There Is No Pill To Fix Lazy

Change is damn scary and there is no pill to fix lazy. Once the idea of staying small is more painful than pushing through the pain of growth, it's imperative that we take action and not be lazy about it.

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How Happy Are You?

We all have a way of keeping things together publicly. You know how it goes, you get all dressed up to go out with friends and tell them how great everything flows. Your social media posts are filled with quotes about how happy and amazing your life is.

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Super Sparkly Day

What if you choose to have a super sparkly day?
Honestly, I recognize that it sounds so cheesy to have a super sparkly day, but really, isn’t having a “better than average” day all about choosing to take it on. Look at the customer service rep in the video below…

(You smiled, didn’t you?)

She’s having a great […]

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