Success is Subjective | Climbing The Ladder of Success

Success is subjective, isn't it? We each have a unique idea of what the requirements are. A fifty cent raise may put one person over the moon with pride yet it may take a fifty thousand dollar...

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Stop the Madness

People everywhere are talking a lot about the problems we have in America. Newscasts and radio shows are spouting off about the debacle that is our country. Budgets are out of balance, corruption in office, generational poverty, former sports heroes being dethroned, and cities are filing bankruptcy.

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50 Ways To Say You’re Awesome- The Challenge

It’s all Alexandra Franzen’s fault. She just wouldn’t be ignored. She was openly challenging readers (actually coaxing people) to tell someone important “thank you”. I just couldn’t do it. I mean, how do you ignore an awesome writer like her? This is the message I recently sent to Alex:
 I’m the kind of person who hates […]

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Always Be Choosing

We all have external reactions based on our brain's historical imprints. The neural pathways that formed as you passed from the diaper stage to the puberty stage and into adulthood as you witnessed millions of hours of, well, life

ABC’s of Change: Part 3

Read Part 1 of the ABC’s of Change.  Then read Part 2.
In Part 2 of the ABC’s of Change I suggested some tools to get you on track with adjusting your mindset. Now let’s wrap this up by better understanding how your brain is processing your request for change.
With the myriad of tools available, personal […]

ABC’s of Change: Part 2

In the previous entry we were talking about change and I said it. Ownership is everything and to continue to blame others for your lot in life is just plain cowardly.Ouch,right?

Now let’s continue.

Your life is solely (and soul-ly) yours to heal. And the good news is that is can be healed, and quickly if you […]

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ABC’s of Change: Part 1

The ABC’s of Change, Part 1: Against Being Cowardly
If only it were easy, this life, with all of its bells and whistles, hurdles and hard knocks, big ideas and full blown sense of success and attainment. We dream a little dream, notate a few key words about it in a journal long since lost and […]