Women’s Realignment Retreat

June 7, 8, and 9, 2019

Bhavana Spa, Freeport, Maine

It’s Time To Relax & Realign 

Break your routine, invest in your mental and emotional health. If you’re fed up, feeling down on yourself and need a weekend get away to reboot yourself, gather a friend (and your courage) and join women’s holistic coach Tam Veilleux for a realignment weekend.  Discover exactly why you’re feeling out of whack.

Your breakthrough weekend will:

  • lead you gently to some realizations that you may have been avoiding.
  • Provide the much needed clarity you seek.
  • Enrich your life with new thought patterns.
  • Release stuck energy and old emotions
  • encourage the gathering of information you need to put your life back on track.
  • create a space for you to finally face your life.
  • address how to get happier, healthier, and clearer, faster!
  • explain how your mind, body, and spirit may (or may not) be working in conjunction with each other.
  • allow you the much needed time and space for creating a new way of showing up for life and work.
  • provide a relaxing atmosphere conducive to your healing.
  • learn more about the power of your unconscious mind.
  • understand how your heart should be leading and why.
  • unravel the mystery of how to make decisions with ease and grace.
  • Saturday lunch together provided by your host.
  • be guided by an experienced life coach. 

**Don’t wait! This thought-provoking, deeply relaxing event is limited to 12 women. Secure your retreat weekend now.


 You’re wrestling with an important personal decision but don’t know how to make it. You are seeking clarity. You feel frustrated and alone. You’ve talked about retreating, but haven’t dared try it yet. You need rest, rejuvenation, and inspiration to reach the next level. You’re ready to meet other women like yourself who are willing to look at life through a new lens.

The Realignment Retreat

For women craving change but not knowing how to choose.

PACKAGE A.  Soul Alignment, cost $999:   BUY PACKAGE A

     Friday night 4-6pm Goddess Meet, Greet, Move Into The Energy
                     6-8pm **Optional Indulge Spree at Freeport’s Hilton Garden Inn, put on by the Chamber of Commerce
     Saturday 11-1 Retreat Work …Aligning with a vision
                     1-230 Lunch (included)
                     230-6 workshop …Your breakthrough on a silver platter
     Sunday morning 
                     10-12 Cultivating your change/closing



PACKAGE B.  Body & Soul Alignment, cost $1249:      BUY PACKAGE B            

**Pick one of the four beautiful, all-natural, organic Bhavana Spa packages . You’ll be scheduled to fit around the workshops.  You’ll receive all of the retreat work above, PLUS:
HARMONIZE TO HEAL … Includes 60 min of Polarity Therapy with the intention of restoring & balancing the body’s energy, combined with a Tandem Therapist Session, consisting of 30 min Sound Healing (Full Body Tuning) and a Reflexology Foot treatment. (20 min – Post Treatment Infrared Sauna access included)
NATURE OF BEAUTY...Give yourself the beauty and wellness you deserve with these treatments using All Natural-Non-toxic-Vegan-Organic ingredients. Begin with our 60 min Rose Quartz Facial, (Includes: Rose quartz stone massage, rosehip oil & enzymes, w/ custom matcha rose mask.) Following is an All Natural Mani & Pedi Service, utilizing our DAZZLE DRY clean nail care system. (Includes a CBD-infused Foot Soak Treatment & Choice of our Organic Herbal Teas)
RENEW & RESTORE …50 min Bhavana Bliss / 50 min Rejuvenation Facial, finish with a 30 min Relax and Restore organic foot soak treatment. Includes Herbal Tea and Infrared sauna access.
OCEAN RITUAL ...Feel the rhythm of the waves, the salts of the sea, and the soothing senses of Seaweed and Glacial Clay. Services include: a 60 min Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage combined with a 30 min Salt of the Sea/Hot Stone massage, followed by a 60 min Deep Sea Immersion Body Treatment.

**When you order package B we’ll send you a welcome letter and you can choose your package at that time. 

** Not included in the cost is your lodging or meals. Please visit:  VisitFreeport.com for many lodging and food options.


Dear friend, I’m an experienced coach leading clients of all ages through personal and professional change. I combine traditional coaching with energy psychology for results that happen fast.  My goal is always to return you to your power quickly so you can move forward toward your own goals with less effort. I believe that happiness if of the highest importance because a happy woman is a productive woman. A productive woman is a wealthier woman. Wealth comes in many forms, because if you have happiness in your heart, you really have everything you need.     May you choose for your highest and best good.  xoxo  Tam, Coach and creator of The Energy Almanac.



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