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SYNC VIP Coaching & Club
SYNC VIP Coaching & Club
SYNC VIP Coaching & Club
SYNC VIP Coaching & Club
SYNC VIP Coaching & Club
SYNC VIP Coaching & Club

SYNC VIP Coaching & Club

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Did you know that based on your personal birthday there is a specific time for marketing, networking, branding, culling, creating and every other step you need to take in your business? Stop swimming against the current.

Find your flow.

Your natural course is personally yours and it's based on your personal birth date, time, and location. It's found in your astrological houses. Each house, as you are inside of it offers you new insights and direction about what you should be working on. You'll know when is the right time for a retreat and when is the time to put your pedal to the metal.

Let Tam use your birthday to map your personal chart for success. Once outlined, you can use the SYNC Map for the rest of your life.

  • Identify your personal month for addressing finances
  • Learn when to look at branding and business appearance
  • Stop beating your head against the wall wondering when to launch your next program
  • Arrange your schedule so that cocooning feels right, even when everyone else is running around
  • Address admin issues at exactly the right time

Discover how to Stay Your Natural Course. Synchronize your personal energy with life and business. Work closely all year long with Tam Veilleux, quantum coach, and creator of the Energy Almanac.

Deepen your coaching experience!

  • Printable SYNC Map (beautiful, artsy, and personalized for you)
  • Three private coaching sessions per season of the year-one each month of the season with Tam Veilleux
    • Once a month group calls on a variety of topics
    • Cool "only for members" insight and information
  • An online forum to work through the grit
  • Growth strategies based on your personal astrological information
  • Emotional balancing using energy psychology tools and an experienced coach
  • Tap into Jupiter’s expansive opportunity giving placement in your personal world
  • Quarterly reviews


Where is the group forum? The private forum is available via private link sent to you once you sign up.

Do I have to do this all year long? Your length of stay is as many seasons as you wish. Stay for one and get your map and coaching or continue to purchase season after season for a deeper dive into finding your rhythm in working with your astrological houses.

I am confused about the process here, please help. Once you make your investment and provide your natal birth insight Tam will map your houses. You will receive a PDF copy of more than 60 pages of worksheets and information for you to begin working through. Tam will identify which house you are currently in and how to begin to apply the house map to your goals. If you are a Basic member, you will have one meeting every three months to advance yourself and stay in SYNC with your map. If you are a VIP Member you will receive one coaching session per month to keep you in SYNC with your map.

What is the difference between BASIC and VIP? With Basic package you get one coaching session every three months. It serves as accountability and guidance so you don't get derailed. The VIP package buys you more time with the coach. It's a tighter relationship. If you need to be kept in line or are someone who tends to not take something to the finish line because you need big accountability, the VIP package is right for you.