The Birthday Blueprint – Choose Big Change
The Birthday Blueprint

The Birthday Blueprint

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For the person who already has it all, The Birthday Blueprint is the gift that keeps on giving. Give the gift of insight and astrology. In a Birthday Blueprint session with Mind/Body/Spirit coach Tam Veilleux the recipient will discover:

  • Personal strengths
  • Potential roadblocks
  • The natural wiring personal to them and how it helps and hinders them
  • Discover which one of seven natures you resonate with
  • Insight about your life path and purpose
  • Learn the internal motivation (one of three)
  • Receive a MAP (magical action plan) to give momentum to the weeks ahead

This forty-five minute session is enlightening and may provide the "ah-ha" you need in order to make a hard decision or choose differently. 

Coach Tam Veilleux is experienced in helping clients move through transformation in an easeful and graceful way. Using LOA, LOL, and OMG the recipient of the Birthday Blueprint will come away with clarity and confidence.