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2022 "Peace Blend"  Essential Oil Roller
2022 "Peace Blend"  Essential Oil Roller
2022 "Peace Blend"  Essential Oil Roller

2022 "Peace Blend" Essential Oil Roller

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"With the theme of the 2022 Energy Almanac being 'Make Tea, Not War', when looking at the essential oils that presented themselves for each of the twelve months for 2022, it was obvious that Bergamot had to be center stage for the 2022 Energy Almanac Blend. Bergamot is the key ingredient that makes Earl Grey Tea what it is." - Rochelle Hubbard, essential oil enthusiast and writer for the 2022 Energy Almanac


Bergamot (Citrus bergamia ), black spruce(Picea mariana), pink pepper(Schinus molle), petitgrain (Citrus aurantium), and sandalwood mysore collectively come together to bring you a blend that supports you to approach life and relationships with optimism and a level head. It brings you the gifts of perspective and authenticity, as well as holding you in the knowledge that you can trust your intuition. The perfect ingredients to support peace over war. 


Apply to pulse points on wrists and neck as desired throughout the day. When you need a little extra support you can also place on the soles of your feet to help ground you in your intention. Dab onto your heart center to help support your desire to come to life heart first, rather than head first. 
All oils are diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil
**You can discover more about the specific energetic properties of these essential oils in the 2022 Energy Almanac itself, and learn how each supports the energies of the months they presented themselves for. You will find Bergamot in March, Black Spruce in October, Pink Pepper in January and Petitgrain in May.
5ml roller ball