“To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.”  ~ George MacDonald.

Thank you to the many people who have trusted me to work with them over the years.

client feedback 1


“She is a POWERhouse!! She is always full of encouragement, smiles that emanates through every conversation, and boundless positive energy.I have felt tremendous changes in all aspects of my life, and attribute much of this improvement to the coaching and support I receive when working with Tam. I especially enjoy “Tapping” with her, as I feel as though I am being redirected to the correct path after having strayed off course, and she is so willing to lead, follow my conversation and also walk alongside during the journey.

I have gained greater self-confidence, strength in my beliefs and dreams, calmness in the face of adversity and possibly most important- how to love myself after years of questioning whether I was worthy of it.” ~ L Martin, Bangor, Maine


“Tam Veilleux is a dynamic teacher. I have seen her speak twice and both times I was impressed with her stage presence. Her positive message delivered in a straight-forward manner engages and motivates the audience. Her enthusiasm and knowledge draws you into her words. Tam is obviously well-prepared, knows her material, and is quick on her feet, and her presentations are natural and flowing. And, we all leave feeling a little bit better about ourselves. ~Win Harper, Life and Leadership Coach, www.winharper.com


“I just wanted to let you know that the women are really enjoying your weekly presentations – the next morning I am being filled with great reviews and enthusiasm! Thank you!” ~ Nancy P., Crossroads Recovery Center, Maine (2013)


“Thank you for being the sort of leader that givers her listeners and readers real, workable content. Thank you for being the sort of leader that offers real food for thought. Thank you for being the sort of leader that honors everyone to have their own truth and path to work, even if it is different than yours. Thank you for filling your webinars, telecasts, and newsletters with true information and updates on your happenings…you stand out in the crowd of so many more who simply offer the same lead-in to tantalize you in their direction only to deliver a creatively crafted sales pitch. You will go on further than the others, for far longer.”  ~Jackie L. , Maine (2014)


“Tam is one of the most gifted and compassionate healers and consciousness teachers of our times. I can highly recommend her approach.

It is so important during those times especially to have good friends and/or a professional to lean back on. Somebody that just helps re-establish one’s eternal inner flame. Tam is such a person. Her teaching me, along with just being in her amazing presence, energetically lifted me up in a way that was (and still is) not comprehensible to me considering the little amount of time of working with Tam. Her work with consciousness is truly transformative and self-empowering.

If you find yourself in a desperate, hopeless place where I was, or if you suffer from any type of pain – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – please remember my words: Tam has a very effective, magical approach to helping you help yourself and to pull yourself out of your misery. “You created it. You can release it.” I am a real-life example that it can be done and the process of doing it can even become fun.

Now, every day my life feels more and more beautiful, happier, and my goals in life are becoming clearer on top of it. Thank you Tam for your light, love, compassion and focus. You are amazing!” ~Thor, Germany (2012)


“Hi Tam, I thought your talk was great. You gave us so much information that we can actually use!” ~Phyllis, Portland, Maine (2013)


 Special thanks to everyone who was willing to share their results with me. I am honored.  xoxo  Tam I Am