You’ve heard of quantum science, you know about the law of attraction, you just don’t know how to use either of them. Magic Shmagic,yeah right. Maybe now you are confused and spinning your wheels and wondering how to get unstuck.  You need a MAP (that’s Motivational Action Plan). Lucky you! It’s in your hands now.

In my book, stuck is for sissies. I get it, you may be scared about showing up differently in life. That’s okay. What isn’t okay is staying in the same sad life that is wearing you down. Comfortable is no place to be. It won’t get you that shiny new car or take you to Bali for vacation. Challenge your own status quo and be, do and have everything you want in life. Wealth? Sure! Health? YES! Happiness?? Above everything, know happy. How you ask?  


First things first:   Conquer the voices in your mind. The chances are good that you have this voice in your head that is negating everything you’re doing. You may recognize it by the way it calls you names or beats you down. The longer you let that voice have space in your mind, the harder it is to crawl out of the hole you may be in. Luckily, I have created an awesome *free* mini-course will set you on a path to understanding yourself better.

Understand how your brain works:  If you love information but dislike reading, there is this fun little book about how your brain works and it can help you harness the power of your brain. Neuroscience can be easily understood when you have the help of pictures. It will help you better understand the wiring inside of you. For example, did you know that “neurons that fire together, wire together?” It’s true, neurons that fire at the same time, engrain information and make it more readily available for use. It’s why I always recommend writing out goals. The fresh-sketches make the information easy to understand and retain. Find it on the left sidebar in my FaceBook business page at

Learn about the Law of Attraction. Fully understanding the Law of Attraction, neuroscience and how your very boring and normal or extremely crazy and wild upbringing is affecting your ability to take action can honestly give you the extra push you need to create change. With a bit of wit and whole lot of common sense, my books are easy to read. Look for “Molly Kite’s Big Dream”, “Creating Change”, and “Scripting Your Own Life”. All are available at

Molly Kite:

Creating Change:

Scripting Your Own Life:

Follow the moon. The energy of the moon affect us in so many ways. Depending which astrological sign it is in, each moon has a unique energy which carries different qualities. When you equip yourself with the knowledge of the energies imagine how much easier life could be. Join the Moon Maps Membership and receive a monthly reflection drawing indicating what you should focus on. These printable reflection tools are key to addressing life areas in a timely manner.


21 Day Emotional Detox: Typically when a person is feeling extremely confused or anxious, emotions can run high. This can be extremely draining. It’s as though your body is being bogged down with unprocessed feelings.  How you handle those emotions is what makes the difference. If this is you, it’s time for an emotional detox. This 21 Day Emotional Detox email program teaches you to use EFT tapping to first make peace with negative emotions but, as time goes on, it helps you lift your spirits and begin to create the change you are craving. The 21 Day Emotional Detox is available here:


The Magic Maker’s Planner & Playbook:  Ease into creating your reality by focusing your mind on qualities that will serve your life. Money, ease and magic are yours when you plan them into your day. The journal, planner, guide you need along with all of the resources should be at your fingertips every single day. Pick up a Magic Makers Planner & Playbook and dive into goal-setting and getting, rituals, routines and strategies for success. 220 pages of successful thinking. Grab yours here:


Manifestival: You’ve not got the idea firmly in place. You understand that you are creating your own reality. Your problems are creations of your own mind! If you’re stuck in the weeds or spinning your wheels and you’re ready to get off the not-so-merry-go-round of life, it’s time to join The Manifestival. This powerful group coaching program is changing lives regularly. People are quitting jobs, keeping and leaving relationships, learning to love themselves and MORE! It’s one powerful program that includes a Facebook group and three months of guided do-it-yourself inner work. It helps you release the demons, face your old stories and cultivate your dreams.


3 Months to Thrive Magic Minds: If big groups are good, tight masterminds are even better. Enjoy a fast way to focus. You bring your story to the small group call, you get laser coached for 30 minutes and then get to sit back and listen to the other participants get laser coached for 30 minutes each. The result? Multi-layered learning that everyone benefits from. By application only.  Please email:

Private Coaching: Sometimes you need to go deeper. One on one coaching helps you evolve to your next best self. Together we uncover your past and clear it away so you can shine. These sessions excavate the pain once and for all and use a variety of techniques to rise you up. The end result is clarity, confidence and momentum.  Please email:

VIP Days/Retreats aka The Freedom Experience: Here is where you go all in. If you’ve identified that you’re stuck and you don’t want to go the long way, you need a full on breakthrough. You’re ready to push everything aside and meet me at the pre-determined location for a one on one luxury VIP Day that is all about you.  OR, pull together a group of women who want to laugh, cry and transform together as you learn what it is that makes you sparkle. These luxury retreats push you toward your next level faster. They’re warm and fuzzy but move forward fast and I love working with teams (insert training whistle). Please email:



THe MAP is easy to follow. You can move step by step through it or you can jump in with both feet with your own VIP Freedom Experience. The choice is yours: careful and cautiously make your way or plug your nose and dive in! (WARNING: it can get ugly.)

Chaos can be your teacher. Everywhere you’re afraid to be the chaos of creating change, will you destroy and uncreate that fear?

Welcome to change. I hope you sparkle from the inside-out.


You will see just what I mean.

My dynamic fresh-sketched approach to teaching gives audiences visual cues which deepens understanding. If you’re not a sissy & you’re ready to dig in, email me your questions at any time. Your breakthrough is waiting.

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