STUCK STINKS. Don’t go it alone.

I have an invitation for you.

 Three Months to successful thinking. Only $270

Stay 90 days in this life-changing group coaching program. After the 90 days pay only $10 a month to use the resources and stay in the playground. Stay as long or as little as you wish. Discontinue your subscription as needed.

Rest my friend, and please listen. I see you’re trying to make the law of attraction work. I hear you saying those affirmations, I know you’ve watched “The Secret” and read the book ten times, but I get it, you’re still stuck. Overwhelmed and stuck, actually.

You’re working hard and still nothing is working.

If you’re one of the millions of people who’ve read The Secret, but you seem locked out of creating the life of your dreams. Hang in there. I’m going to be revealing the key.

Most people don’t understand that emotion is “energy in motion” and you need clean energy for attraction and manifestation. Right now, as you live and breathe, your old stories are alive and well and playing out in your life. You are literally living your life through the filter of your ten year old mind.

I hear it all the time from clients and close friends… they are stuck. Sadness, fear and confusion bury them and they don’t know what to do or where to turn. I take calls all the time where clients tell me over and over how stuck they are, how immobilized they’ve become. They (and you) are the reason I created this program.

Look, it’s not just you. I was there, too:

I was sad, stuck and broke at one point in my life. Quite literally I was navigating my divorce after 20 years of marriage, parenting an opiode addict while doing everything possible to spare myself from bankruptcy. With nobody to lean on I was knee-deep in emotional pain.

A few too many nights crying myself to sleep one hundred miles away from all family and friends left me wondering if I could ever experience joy, deep relationship, good health and any semblance of a bank account again. I was a hot mess working two and sometime three part time jobs in between putting together the pieces of my broken life.

At the same time, The Secret was hot-off-the-press and all the rage. The law of attraction was a newly rediscovered idea and I was a newbie, ready to dive in.

Years into the law of attraction process with little to no results beyond manifesting parking spaces whenever I needed one, I figured I was missing something. 

And I was.

I hit the mother-load when I was finally able to piece together

exactly what was missing.

After years of wallowing, victimhood and martyrdom I gave up the fight and gave in to doing the biggest work of my life. Now I live by the principles I uncovered and have a life that completely blisses me out.

  • I enjoy a marriage in the 1% of the population, one of complete mutual respect and adoration along with deep intimacy.
  • I have work that is fulfilling in every way spiritually, mentally and financially. I love going to my #BigPinkOffice daily and serving others at a high level.
  • My health is thriving.
  • I attracted my dream home.
  • My family is whole again, including my relationship with my ex.
  • My bank account is healthy  and I’m in the financial flow.

I co-create regularly and live with crazy, powerful magic.

BUT HEY, that’s me and how I do life, the thing is,

I’m inviting you to participate.

It’s time to say YES to your Ten out of Ten life.

If you’re done creating cool parking spaces and are ready to learn how to create outrageous joy, vibrant health and more money let me help you learn the hidden secret behind manifestation. I’m sharing the missing piece.

Breakthrough your own limitations.

It’s time to rip off the band-aid and take an experiential journey unlike no other, a deep-dive experience that create clarity and confidence.

open the wound and feel it so you can heal it. I’ll help you.

Stuck stinks. Don’t go it alone. Clarity, confidence and momentum are yours for the taking.

Who is this for?

Ask yourself this question: “how do I describe my life in one word?” If you answered: Stuck, scared, sad, stressed, confused, you need change. None of those labels just mentioned are fun to wear. If you’ve heard about the magic available to you but haven’t known how to harness it, then The Manifestival is your ticket to happiness, health and wealth.

What you’ll get when you join the journey includes:

  • A prep plan... the details about how to set yourself up for a successful emotional detox
  • KISS-style knowledge of the quantum playground, neuroscience and how to harness it... (Keepin’ It Simple, Sweetie.)
  • A private FB group just for Manifestival players like you. 
  • Tribe... a community of people who are all dealing with similar issues, striving for similar goals. Can you say #SoulSquad?
  • Video trainings…trainings are available for you to view at your own pace. Learn exactly how to do my signature emotional detox process. Remove emotional debris from you both physically and within the quantum field.
  • Workbook pages…hand-drawn pages relative to all of the ideas and information you receive.. These workbooks are fun to play with and packed with insights, quotes and information that you’ll use to process your life and your big dreams again and again.
  • Lifetime access… reuse the information again and again and again (because everyone knows that this powerful work is ongoing.) 

The Manifestival is your ticket to freedom.

I want to make it easy for you to say yes and join me and so many others on an amazing journey. I am truly passionate about sharing this information with those that need it, it’s a game changer on so many levels which is why I’ve made this program so affordable. 

Think about it for a minute. 

How much is staying stuck costing you? Look at time. Has it been years since you’ve partnered with happiness? Health. Are you still not vibrant and strong but wondering why you don’t love yourself? Perhaps it’s affecting your relationships? Unhappiness within relationships can cost you time lost at work, can cost you in poor health and absolutely robs you of joy. Staying stuck hits you directly in the wallet in many forms. Lack of confidence leads to an unwillingness to make a job change, confusion means it’s hard to know where the next bit of income will come from. 

Stuck stinks. Don’t got it alone. 

Hundreds of dollars lower than my private coaching package The Manifestival is just $270 for 90 days of access. When done well, this deep-dive program is worth thousands. (Ask my recent client who doubled her income by working with me and developing her self-worth!)

**Following your 90 days of access you can choose to stay an active member of this private thriving community for only $10 per month. 



*This client rewrote her story to be one of grateful, graceful and peaceful experiences.

 I joined the Manifestival. It was the forum, there was support and there was the heart and the participants that spurred me on each day. I wanted to understand teachings more fully and interface with other members and feel the support and energy to push forward every day. I have fully come into a confidence that was there but laced with other useless belief system nuances.  I was truly able to shed more cultural beliefs and come into an incredible respectful, kind, graceful and truly loving place of confidence that has me overflowing – a complete integration and individualization of myself or a goddess energy, fully feminine from deep within  ~ Alexandra, Chicago, IL

*Quit her part time jobs and nearly doubled her income.

  I started off thinking i wanted help in my relationship with my boyfriend. I kept getting pulled to work on me, to work on my job/career, to work on me, to pull energy for prosperity for me. the lessons, the lessons learned. My life was always spinning trying to work hard and earn. The videos, the files. There was lots of help, actual words which help you to learn what to say. when clearing.. I am now stronger, confident; I make choices based on my line-drawn-in-the-sand beliefs, I feel way more at ease.” Bigger thinking creates bigger things.  ~ M Alexander, Aurora, CO

*No more crying!

“I’ve understood the mind/body connection for decades and was even familiar with some of the techniques used in the Manifestival. But, I didn’t know how to unstick myself from emotional patterns that were holding me back. The Manifestival gave me the tools, the knowledge, and the support to move forward and become unstuck. My energy is lighter, my vibration feels higher, and I’m definitely happier. I haven’t cried in months! I’m also beginning to attract my desire, which is a huge win. Huge.”  ~Karen Saltus, Kittery, ME

What will YOU say when you’ve made peace with your past? 

Unblock your past, unlock your magic. 

Full Pay $270 for three months of access.

3 months to successful thinking. 

**Stay in the private, thriving community for only $10 per month after your three months deep dive is complete.

Two payments of  $175

Billed 30 days apart. 

**Stay in the private, thriving community for only $10 per month after your three months deep dive is complete.


Align. Believe. Cultivate.

This program I’ve developed takes you through a process, one that is life-changing. In each of the three major areas you will receive video trainings, workbook materials and I will run a weekly FB Live call and Q&A that will take you through the work. 

Your job is to buckle down and do the dreaming, thinking, writing, tapping and clearing that is required. 

What you need to be, do and have if you are going to play in the MANIFESTIVAL:

  • Be prepared to look at your values, priorities and goals
  • Be able to review your personal life history
  • Be willing to use unconventional methods that will create clarity, confidence & momentum
  • Do be open-minded and willing to look at your life from a new angle
  • Do have a notebook or journal dedicated to this work
  • Do expect some big emotions to surface
  • Have the dedication to do all assignments as they’re given
  • Have an open-mindedness that serves your higher purpose
  • Have three two hour blocks of time to watch the FB live events and extra time for processing

The cost of staying stuck= EXPENSIVE


Full Pay $270

threee months to successful thinking!

**After your three months are complete, you can stay in the private, thriving community for only $10 per month!

Two payments of  $175

Billed 30 days apart. 

**Stay in the private, thriving community for only $10 per month after your three months deep dive is complete.

Your date with destiny begins today. End your year on a high note.

Your time is now and you’re ready for the next step. 

UNAVAILABLE? Vacation already scheduled? Can’t get time off from work? Don’t use that as an excuse. The Manifestival is fluid. Your purchase of the Manifestival gives you access to the trainings and the FB group. You get to go in and do you work at your own pace and then interact online as needed.

No excuses! Your date with destiny cannot be denied, but you surely can create a laundry list of excuses why you can’t play along. Excuses are your mind’s way of keeping you stuck. If you’re reading about the Manifestival and my Signature Breakthrough Emotional Detox process and you’re excited but you keep coming up with reasons not to play, it’s because your habit is comfortable and the box you live in now is what you’re used to.

It’s time to take a leap of faith. Take a deep breath and ask yourself: Does this program feel light or heavy? Would it feel good to dump all of the old stories and step into new energy or does it feel heavy to have to do this emotional work? Your answer lies in the palm of your hand.

Your time is NOW and You’re ready for the next step.

Who are you and what do you want? Align your lens.

Discover your own desires and align with them. Use the Manifestival framework to learn who you are and what you want. With this lens you can magnetize to you everything you want. Finally experience the emotional freedom required to step into rich relationship with self and others, create experiences that knock your socks off and generate the income you know you deserve.

Bust your limiting beliefs with my Signature Emotional Detox Breakthrough Process. Learn how your past is affecting your future.

Just like you detox your physical body regularly, your emotional body needs the same kind of TLC. You will walk through a process that cleanses old stories, struggles, behaviors and beliefs from the body and leaves you feeling lighter both emotionally and physically which creates the space you need to manifest real change.

Cleared and committed. Realize how you can create change faster.

Amplify your energy and gain clarity as you move forward as “one to watch” in the quantum playground. Create and keep a plan that is easy to follow.



The neuroscience of today is powerful. Each year more and more information is uncovered that proves without a doubt that the brain is capable of changing. You may be an old dog, but you CAN learn new tricks. The Brain Book is a hand-drawn book that explains the information you need to know about successful living through training your brain. It’s yours FREE as part of your Manifestival purchase.


Long ago a man named Wallace Wattles wrote a powerful book detailing the Law of Attraction and how it really works. This classic book is invaluable to understanding manifestation. I have boiled down each chapter into digestable easy-to-read sketches that capture the powerful meaning behind Wallace’s 20th century language. You get the clipped version of a classic book that is packed with meaning. This go-to book is yours as part of your Manifestival purchase.

Moon Maps

Harness the power of the moons. You’ll be added to my monthly Moon Money Map membership where each month you receive a hand-sketched reflection tool that guides you through the energies that are available to you. On the first of the month for the rest of this calendar year you’ll be included in this bundle of guidance as part of your Manifestival purchase.

Scripting Your Own Life

Tie everything you need to know into one tidy package. Scripting Your Own Life is my signature book that clients use to fully understand and integrate the ideas behind neuroscience and quantum mechanics. Use this witty, easy to read book to engage your spirit in the big work you’re doing.

Morning Magic

My workbook page about how to develop your own morning routine will encourage you to  light up each day with rituals that ground and center you as you’re uplifted into your own vision. The Morning Magic development page will give you strategies that make it easy and understandable.

THE ONE QUESTION YOU MUST ANSWER: Where will you be in ten days, ten weeks or ten months from today if you don’t interrupt the pattern you’re currently  in? 

Decide today that you’re ready to step up and into the new energy. Your invitation is here!

Full Pay Only $270

For three months of access.

**Stay in the private, thriving community for only $10 per month after your three months deep dive is complete.

Two payments of  $175

Billed 30 days apart. 

**Stay in the private, thriving community for only $10 per month after your three months deep dive is complete.



I am Tam Veilleux, “That Tapping Lady”.

tam biz 3

WARNING:  Working with me is a fast way to get you to perform at peak levels by making you feel successful and be your best every day, but I don’t work with sissies. If making change is something you want, great, if you are ready for a coach who will call you out… I’m your coach! Read on.

I bring outrageous happiness, clarity and momentum to souls who are stuck and stressed. I make life’s magic happen faster, funner and easier by using a wide variety of mindset hacks like EFT tapping, energy theory to break current patterns and install new ones. I teach with science, spirituality and a bit of wit. I’m a bonafide spiritual weirdo and I’m at peace with that.

Being a bit of a Quantum Weirdo and Neuro-Geek, I am also a well-practiced optimist, leading one-on-one clients and audiences of all ages through the magic of personal and professional change. Pulling from my own profound experiences and years of personal development I understand and teach that results are found deep inside the BS you were brought up with. By making peace with the Belief Systems that held you back and when believing you can dream, do and have anything you wish, things shift.  My signature processes work, and they work fast.

I invite you to play with me in the quantum playground. 

If you still have questions, email me today at 

Wishing you bravery and courage!

Friend, here is MY PROMISE to you:

Plus, if you join and don’t think that The Manifestival program is what you hoped it could be, let’s talk. Maybe you need a refund or maybe you need to recommit to yourself. 

Here’s a recap of what you’ll get:

Full Pay $270

three months of access. 

**after your three months, Stay in the private, thriving community for only $10 per month!

Two payments of  $175

**Stay in the private, thriving community for only $10 per month after your three months deep dive is complete.