Darling, “STUCK” is so last year! 

It’s time for a new way of thinking, planning + scheduling.

If you feel confused, unable to manage your days or control your negative thoughts, enter:

The Magic Makers 2020 Planner & Playbook 

Include mind-set development every day.

Gain clarity, confidence, and momentum. 

Keep your schedule straight.

This is a resource book for scheduling and personal development. 


How much greatness can you take in 2020?


2020 Planner & Playbook

What is the Energy Almanac?

The Energy Almanac, new for 2020, is a visual reference guide that shows you exactly how the planets are going to impact you for the next twelve months. Learn what impact the astrology will have and learn which tools will help you manage it all: gemstones, numerology, yoga movement, essential oil and a framework for breaking through the pain. The Energy Almanac is also the sister publication to the Magic Maker’s Planner.

The daily use of astrology and numerology as a guide to one’s activities has the potential benefit of creating ease. Eclipses and their meanings, retrogrades and their importance, full and new moon movements will all be tracked and at a glance, the reader can know exactly when to zig and when not to zag! Travel, business, family relationships, health and decision making as they are affected will be referenced so you can plan accordingly.

You’ll find:
60(ish) pages of information including Do’s and Don’ts for each month of the year based on the astrology and energetic numerological vibrations available.
You’ll discover:
What energies are at work (thank you, Jupiter, the planet of expansion) and what number is vibrating through the days (hello super-social September 2019, a 3 month in a 3 year!)
You’ll learn:
Which essential oil will be ease or amplify the monthly activities.
You’ll know:
Which gemstone will support the energy at play.

This Magic Makers PLANNER & PLAYBOOK is perfect for you:

  • 226 pages of fresh-sketched powerful pages!
  • The power of asking generative questions but prefer someone else write them for you
  • Goal setting is on your mind but you don’t have a clear system for writing them or remembering them
  • Self-help and personal development is something you value but you fall off the wagon regularly
  • You love writing in a calendar to keep track of all of your crazy cool dates, appointments and events
  • You’re learning a little about the energies of astrology, the moons and numerology and want to grow that knowledge base and incorporate it into your monthly routines
  • You value deepening your understanding of connecting to energy and using it for momentum 
  • You appreciate fun and you are smitten with color, wit and quotes that make you think.
  • Coloring is your jam. These pages just beg you to add color to them.

 Jane’s life is dull and disorganized.  

Jane says she doesn’t believe in magic. Jane says magic is hogwash.

Don’t be Jane.

Breathe into a whole new way of “busy” by letting the Universe handle the hard stuff. With each weekly two page spread, you get to delegate the hard stuff to the quantum field. 

Order your Magic Makers 2019 Planner & Playbook today and end 2018 on a high note. This calendar, planner, workbook starts on December 1, 2018 and carries you gracefully toward the successful achievement of your goals through all of 2019. With moon dates marked, goals locked in and reflection time incorporated you are sure to feel guided and at ease in your journey. 

The Resource Area is your go-to place for tips, tricks, and techniques you can try out as you bump into roadblocks. It includes EFT tapping scripts for letting go of pain, EFT tapping scripts for incorporating enthusiasm into your goals, journal questions, space for notetaking, book lists, astrology and numerology.

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  • Discover the perfect journal prompt from the printed collection, use it to return you to a juicy state of desire.
  • Learn the power of a deep dive and why you will want to schedule one into each month.
  • Try EFT Tapping by following the thorough explanation and tapping along with the success script that’s been thoughtfully written and added. 
  • Find out how to “Pull Energy”
  • Manage your wish list of items for the quantum field to deliver to you.
  • Journal, doodle, and dream in the yummy blank pages waiting for you to infuse them. 

  • Incorporate your weekly task list with your life-long dream visioning (What else is possible?)
  • Include inspirational questions that make magic happen faster (How does it get any better than that?)
  • Have all your goals gathered in one place for easy reference (what you give attention to expands and grows)
  • Have access to mindset information that aligns energy with action (Universe, show me the way!)
  • It fits in your tote bag! (Perfect)

Take a guided tour through looking at your entire year as a whole, quarter as a chunk, month at a glance and your weekly action plan. The format is clean and easy to use and allows for your individual goal to be front and center each week as you also connect with weekly generative questions that keep your mind focused on looking for answers instead of problems.  

  • Year at a glance calendar included
  • Astrology included, printed right on your weekly pages
  • Develop a morning magic routine, we’ll get your started
  • Monthly review process outlined
  • Weekly two-page spread allows for work tasks, recreational events, and magic.


The smart way to become successful is less efforting, more intentional action.

The contemporary way to create a life you love includes less pushing, more powerful thinking.

What will you create in 2019?


2020 Planner & Playbook

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It’s All Covered for You!

“How much money, ease and magic can you take in?”  ~ Tam I Am


What would it be like to have language, strategies, and techniques to wire my brain so money flows to me with ease?

What if money goals could be tracked & recorded monthly?

What contribution would it be to my bank account to have a money goal?


What if organing my life & business were easy?

How fun would life be if I no longer worked hard at scheduling?

What if prioritizing the tasks and delegating the confusing parts of life were fun & manageable?


What if you were always in the right place at the right time? 

What if possibility and opportunity happened more often? 

What if training your brain to use generative questions was all it took to add sparkle to your life? 

First believers, current users say:

“This isn’t just a planner, Tam. It’s an entire year-long workbook!!”  ~ Kendra Cagle, 5 Lakes Design, New York

“This is better than the Passion Planner. Way better.”  ~ Odelle Bowman


2020 Planner & Playbook

International customers please click here to buy now & for additional $25 shipping costs to your country!

“What would it be like to have this year turn out even better than you imagined?”  ~ Tam I Am


I am Tam Veilleux, Coach and Creative.

tam biz 3

WARNING:  Working with me is a fast way to get you to perform at peak levels by making you feel successful and be your best every day, but I don’t work with sissies. If making change is something you want, great, if you are ready for a coach who will call you out… I’m your coach! Read on.

I bring outrageous happiness, clarity and momentum to souls who are stuck and stressed. I make life’s magic happen faster, funner and easier by using a wide variety of mindset hacks like EFT tapping, energy theory to break current patterns and install new ones. I teach with science, spirituality and a bit of wit. I’m a bonafide spiritual weirdo and I’m at peace with that.

This Planner & Playbook is for serious Magic Seekers. It’s for those who are ready to launch their lives through taking control of their own minds. This book is a work of Heart for me. I put my all into creating a book that would not only outline how I work each week but would also share some inspiration and guidance. I believe it is a tool for change but you have to actively use it to make the magic happen. 

My signature processes work, and they work fast, this planner is one piece of the puzzle toward your rich, rewarding life. Make 2018 one of money, ease and magic. 

I invite you to play with me in the quantum playground.

If you still have questions, email me today at Tam@choosebigchange.com






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