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Dreams Matters

In dreams and symbology, it all matters, every thing that shows up is somehow related to something going on in your real world. The full moon of recent days, the Pink Moon, to be exact has kept my subconscious mind busy. My sleep has been restless and my dreams– BUSIER THAN MY DAYS. I’ve always been one who has fairly random dreams and I’m pretty decent at decoding the symbology within them.

For years as my son battled addiction I dreamed of his death. When they first occurred I’d waken feeling shaken. Then, as I grew spiritually, I knew to look deeper at the message of  death in dreams. The rebirth was imminent, I just didn’t know it because I was too deeply entrenched. I’ve also dreamt often of my daughter. She’s the most beautiful and generous woman I know. I say woman because she is already 27 and living her own adult life, but in my dream world she is but a baby in my arms. She returns to me often as the towhead baby girl with huge green eyes who spoke in half words and twisted gurgles from her throat. In my dreams I hold her close with the most palpable love I know. I suppose I still do. Baby girls represent creativity and growth and a good omen.

I am in a growth phase again. I’ve prayed for expansion at many levels. My talks with God have become clearer and meditations now often reveal “knowings” and because of this new me I can now receive differently than in the past. I’m noticing that messages are sometimes more global and I’ve made a vow to share what I learn. This is the reason for today’s post.

The Pink Moon of April 11 awakened me with a message. At approximately 2:30 AM I heard and, more accurately, felt the message come through. In the middle of a dream that I can’t recall I heard

“Everything is in your world for a reason.”

I may be confusing the verbiage and for good reason. There was such bigger meaning than just the words. The more thorough explanation that follows is what I innately picked up from the message that awakened me: “Every thing you see, feel, hear, touch in your reality is there on purpose. It has a symbolic meaning. It has a connection to some person, place or thing that you don’t yet know. Everything in your world is on purpose. We conspire for you.”

If you, my reader, can breathe into this and sit with it you will understand more fully how precious life is, how perfectly placed you are. Nothing is accidental and the Universe is conspiring and speaking to you. You only need to slow down and let the information sink in. Allow the dots to connect.

That book you’re reading… it was placed there for you.

The bus you got onto this morning… it was on purpose. 

Those facebook friends you accepted but don’t really chat with…that one is part of the more global plan, but it’s still part of the plan.

Your rage against the machine… it’s a gift from Us to you.

Your joy at the nephew that was just born…it’s a gift from Us to you.

It all matters. It’s the essence of my dream message this week. It awakened me so hard that I didn’t return to sleep and forcibly kept myself awake as long as possible so I would recall this. I wrote it down in my bedside journal and offer it to you today to do with what you wish.

If you want to integrate this idea more then I hope you will look around at all the things you love, hate or feel neutral about and thank it. It is in your awareness for a reason.


If you need help finding your feet spiritually, please feel free to reach toward me. 

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