Graphics for Personal Growth …A better way to engage listeners

Understand how the benefits of having a graphic recorder at your training.

For Cutting Edge Coaches, Consultants and Trainers

  1. You already provide powerful life-changing content to your online tribe and live audiences.
  2. You give loads of information including data, theories, and directives,  BUT 

is your audience receiving the information and can retain it? 

Have you even been on stage or in front of your camera doing a live recording and wondered if they, the audience, were getting it or not? 

Maybe they’re confused — or worse — bored!


It’s time for something new.

Enter the graphic recorder.

You provide content, and I provide a powerful Value Added service & product to you and your group. 

I’m Tam and Tam I Am. I’m a graphic recorder and personal development coach. I provide a unique cutting edge service to high-level coaches, healers, consultants and workshop providers, any trainer really,  in the personal growth field called graphic recording or, in my own words, #InfoSketching.

#InfoSketching is real-time drawings created as you deliver your content.

The process can be done either live at your in-person  event or virtually through the use of media platforms.

82% of North Americans are visual learners.

Let me synthesize your information for the audience. I'll hear, think, draw and deliver your message with style.

Let me synthesize your information for the audience. I’ll hear, think, draw and deliver your message with style.

By having real time visual notetaker at your next event as you teach from the stage your audience benefits skyrocket

  • Your audience is more engaged
  • The #InfoSketch keeps them focused on the same piece of information you’re talking about (instead of thinking about how soon the next slice of pizza is coming to them)
  • Improve comprehension
  • Participants are more likely to recall information
  • #InfoSketches tickle multiple parts of the brain, promoting creative thinking
  • By stimulating the IQ and the EQ centers of the brain faster integration of information occurs
  • Reduce the complexity of the information you are delivering. 

Teach & train knowing the audience will receive what you’re speaking about. Let the graphic recorder ( HEY, that’s me!) capture the essence of your content visually.

It’s verbal to visual for more powerful presentations.

Have a more memorable event or training. The added benefit to you as the presenter is obvious. 

  • You delight them with a cutting edge edu-tation tool helps lock images and information into their memory. 
  • Your audience is more likely to be engaged present.
  • Group members are delighted with your information and want more from you.
  • You get to keep (and develop) enduring assets (the drawings) for your future use in ebooks, e-learning modules, webinars and more.


Results do NOT VARY. People love #InfoSketches


Your Information Isn’t Dry or Boring… So don’t let your next webinar be that either.

Let me turn your processes into pictures…LIVE!

Imagine what your theories and ideas look can like visually?

Graphic recording reduces complexity and struggles of understanding incoming information.

What if you were trying to describe “change” to your clients?

Screenshot (102)

When To Use a Graphic Recorder

  • Planning & Visioning Retreat
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Staff or Management Meetings

  • Transcribe Your Content from Verbal to Visual
  • Keynote Addresses & Special Presentations

  • Conferences / Summits
  • Focus Groups
  • Brainstorming Sessions 
  • Client One on One Dialogue Sessions
  • Powerful deliverables like ebooks or videos

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The Proof Is In The Pudding:  

82% of all North Americans claim to be visual learners. 

Don’t be just another talking head. Provide your clients & customers with better content.

I’m Tam and Tam I am. I am bent on delivering important life-changing information in fun and colorful ways. I’ve been drawing since I was four and now as an adult, I incorporate these skills into my livelihood.

As an energist and life coach I use my sketchnotes as deliverables following a client call. The client gets to reflect on what they just processed. I present the tools we used, the questions I asked and their answers. My clients appreciate and look forward to their #InfoSketch.

On a grander scale, the #InfoSketch is my way of delivering another person’s powerful, life-changing information in a way that engages the brain and the spirit. It’s light and edu-taining, two things I value highly. It’s called graphic recording.

If your business wants a collaborative creative out-of-the box way to engage audiences, contact me. I’m tickled pink to put my markers to your message. I’m ready when you are!


on the same page SKETCHNOTE

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For VIP Days & More Powerful Private Retreats

Your high-ly invested clients deserve your best effort. Let me be the silent partner capturing the essence of those intense moments, the breakdowns and the breakthroughs. I’ll capture the moment the lightbulb turned on and provide a deliverable that your client can keep for reflection.
Avada Admin

For Webinars or Workshops

Visuals can be done virtually! Let me share my screen with your webinar attendees as you deliver the information I’ll capture the essence of the message.

Let me be your silent partner at your next in-person presentation or meeting. I’ll draw as your speak. You can bet your exhibition has never been so well received.

Avada Admin

Make Meetings More Fun!

Don’t let your company have boring board room meetings. Bring the #InfoSketch artist to your next quarterly round or planning event.

Help your staff stay interested in the process no matter what you’re developing. Company growth? New Strategy? Creating a live event and developing content while assigning tasks? Let’s capture it live and let it live evergreen via digital photos and follow up reporting.

How can YOU get creative with your next event?

 #InfoSketches are the answer.

Make Your Message Seen.

Keep your audience interested.


 “You did an amazing job! Simple, yet interesting & sprinkled with a stirring ‘pinch of intrigue’…You are an amazing woman.” 

workshop participant, 2016

Make esoteric topics easily understood

“These sketches frickin’ rock. I love how the information just flows. I totally get how this can benefit my tribe in a big way. This is how I want to deliver to my clients!”
Bambi Thompson, Coach,

Simple means “easily absorbed”


THE BIG QUESTION: What’s the cost?

For meetings and live events: I charge a day rate plus expenses, including travel.  A half-day rate may apply for local projects. 

I want to craft the solution that best meets your event needs. First we talk and discover the scope of your project and what your vision is, and then I bring that to life through my sketches.

To do webinars or digital media: Let’s discuss If I’m drawing and then tweaking deliverables or just drawing. 

To contact me for a scope planning discussion and costs email me. People say I’m really nice and I have never, not once, bit anyone. 

How does this work?

I will set up a large sheet of paper – either on the wall or on a portable wall that they provide. At the start of your meeting, that sheet will be blank. As the event unfolds, I listen to the message(s) being delivered and draw it into simple images of key content. All this happens in real time. 

What’s your style? 

“Be bold, be bold, and in all you do, be bold.” It’s a Geothe quote I live by. As a result, I like to draw with bold black lines and add pops of color as I can, I often go back to add the color during breaks. My work style tends to be high energy, youthful, and dynamic. Some say it matches my personality.

Personally, I value fun quite highly. I also prioritize communication, respect and kindness. I’ll probably wear pink to your event.

Describe how this looks during my event:

I’ll be facing the Wall. I need to be able to listen and then translate the information. It requires my full attention. If I’ve caught up to the presenter I’ll stand back and listen quietly. But get used to seeing my backside. It’s my task to capture the essence of the info, so I’ll be busy. I will represent theories, topics, strategies as well as insights and a-ha moments!

Working Large-Scale: The graphic recording (#InfoSketch) is meant to serve all participants in the room during your event. So your graphic recording is created in a large-scale format on 48” roll paper. Typical drawings measure 4’ x 8’, making them visible to participants and facilitators alike.

In Real-Time:  At the start of your event that large sheet of paper is blank.  Juicy ideas are collected as the meeting begins. You speak, I hear, think, draw and deliver on paper.

Follow up:  Participants see the data again. They also can tell whether they have been seen and heard, they become increasingly vested in the meeting.  They can relive the information download long after the speaker has left “the stage”.

If your business wants a collaborative creative out-of-the box way to engage audiences, contact me.

I’m tickled pink to put my markers to your message.

Ready when you are! 

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