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“Luck is when an opportunity comes along and you’re prepared for it.”  Denzel Washington

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Seeing into the future isn’t an exact science but astrology does give us some insight into what might coming into our personal and global experience. But how can you remember twelve months of information and track it? Having it in book form for easy reference creates a resource that you can go back to again and again. Having pull-out art that acts as a reflection tools adds that one-two punch you need for planning, remembering, and strategizing the new year.

The Energy Almanac, a publication of wit, wisdom, and astrological insights for the year was born of the desire to have a constant reference of information along with resources to ease or amplify energies as needed.

The Energy Almanac can help you prepare for the year ahead.

The planets have a plan for you in 2020. In this 145 page book, you will learn

  • Keywords to use to temper the energies of early 2020
  • What to do each week and what exactly to avoid
  • Beautiful illustrations, one for every month of the year
  • Moon meanings and how to best use them to amplify your life

Get the map of what’s in store, learn which tools you can lean on for support, and go deep with the astrology of 2020, because knowledge is power.

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Each month offers an artistic rendition with information about the astrological happenings. Key points are highlighted, important moon dates or astrological events are dated and the theme for the month is clearly outlined. 

Why do I need The Energy Almanac?

If you have ever heard yourself saying after a major life situation, “I wish I had seen this coming, then you’re among many. Astrological insights are important and so often we experience life events by default. It would feel so good to know that things are going to get easier if you can hold off for two more weeks or three more months. It would be refreshing to know that your sense of anxiety isn’t only in your mind, that many others are feeling it as well. Understanding that the harmony that is wending its way into your body is also making its way across the world is a good feeling.

  • See exactly how the planets support your each week, then plan accordingly with astrological insights
  • Understand what planets are impacting which life area (relationships, money, communication, your psyche, travel, health)
  • Realize the underlying vibration of each month and use it to guide decision making and action taking
  • Use specific essential oils to help balance and restore yourself…we’ll tell you which ones to use, and when
  • Know which gemstone will support your energetic alignment for the upcoming weeks
  • Add a yoga movement to each month and build a gentle, supportive practice that aligns with the energies at play
  • Learn important nourishment and self-care practices to ease gently into the energy
  • Awaken to the intrinsic energies available to you and plan a better year

What is the Energy Almanac?

  • More than 140 gorgeous pages of wit, wisdom, holistic and astrological insight for planning a better year
  • 12 framable reflection tools of hand-drawn art for you to use as reminders of the energy at play
  • Insightful writing from experienced astrologer Janet Hickox
  • Vibrational insight about the numbers at play from numerologist Ann Perry
  • Information about which gemstone you can use from rock and gem enthusiast, Lisa Fontanella
  • Know which essential oil to infuse or apply based on the vibrations at play, thank you Starla Perico
  • Incorporate a yoga practice into the new year with the Movement of the Month from Penny Ellis
  • Self-care practices and nourishment ideas including recipes by The Healthy Godmother, Heidi Symonds.
  • Apply a thoughtful coaching technique to the next 30 days with mind/body/spirit coach Tam Veilleux
  • Incorporate the Evolution Framework for thinking and apply it to the new energies. Think of it as your own personal growth program

Order the Energy Almanac 

SOFT COVER BOOK:    $35.00



The mission of Big Sky Publishing, is to help you harness the available information that are intrinsically blueprinted into this world. We believe transformation should be fast, fun, and easy. Our tools and products help you maneuver the new age.

Tam Veilleux is the owner of Big Sky Publishing and has been coaching and creating one-on-one and with groups personally and professionally for several years. Her approach to creating change powerful. Her dynamic approach to teaching means you get a unique, holistic perspective to healing. Her palette of transformational tools is and available for your use and can be accessed at: www.quantumcompanystore.com 

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Tam Veilleux, Big Sky Publishing
Astrology by: Janet Hickox’s astrological insights and her point of difference in astrology readings is the ability to take a complex subject like Astrology and break it down into a language that everyone understands. Her philosophy is simple, she wants you to understand and be able to interact on the subject of you.

A Living Astrology reading unlocks key personality characteristics that may be lying dormant and that make you your unique self. By tapping into these characteristics, Janet can assist you with life’s opportunities and challenges in the areas that affect us all, relationships, health, wealth and career.  Janet can help you open the doors to success. Visit:  www.living-astrology.com 

Numerology by:  Ann Perry had many questions about her life’s purpose. Years ago she was a bit of a metaphysical junkie and took all sorts of courses, read all sorts of books, experienced all kinds of healing sessions, but life began to make sense once she discovered numerology.

Ann has since committed a third of her life to help people reconnect to their soul’s contract through numerology readings, workshop, and courses. She believes that you deserve to know what your unique birth code is and that there is nothing “simple” about it!  Visit:  www.annperrynumerologist.com 

Gemstones/Put This In Your Pocket by: Lisa Fontanella says you can never have too many rocks, at least that’s her motto. Lisa’s fascination with rocks has taken on many forms, much like the rocks she holds so dear. She creates jewelry using gemstones, writes stories for children about the wonders of rocks, and still gets excited when she sees a type of rock she has never seen before. A wannbe rock hound, Lisa loves learning about rocks, their properties and feeling their energy. She is a Reiki master (26 years and counting), holistic practitioner and certified life coach. Visit: www.lisafontanella.com  
Essential Oils by:  Starla Perico is an International Speaker & Essential Oil educator. Beginning at the age of 9, Starla began gaining and implementing her intuitive insight. As an Empath with almost 2 decades of experience, Starla is an energy worker and intuitive healer. The passion she holds to help others be the best version of themselves, allows her to focus on educating and supporting people worldwide with the use of essential oils for their emotional health and overall well-being. Visit:  www.nurturewithoils.com 
Movements of the Month by: Penny Ellis experienced the therapeutic touch of a Reiki session during a chronic illness and then began her journey to gather knowledge and wisdom in order to learn and share the modalities of alternative healing. In 2002, she graduated from Holistic Alternatives certified in Polarity Therapy and continued to pursue Reiki where she completed her art level in 2008. In 2004, she completed her 200-hour yoga training and continues to complete weekend immersions in yoga and Ayurveda. Penny is also a Wellness Consultant with DoTERRA CPTG essential oils. She strives to create a space for healing and peaceful insight in all of her sessions and yoga classes.
Project Evolve by: Project Evolve gives you the key to understanding yourself plus real-world tools to evolve into your best self. Both highly intellectual and very concrete, Project Evolve will empower you to seize opportunities, gain confidence, direct your own growth, and relax into new levels of productivity. Your vision is possible, your gifts are real, and your big life is waiting for you to claim it. Visit: www.project-evolve.com 
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