If you think change is hard, think again! You need just 21 days to see a new you.

Stuck Stinks! Change what you believe about yourself.

You deserve a happier, healthier, wealthier life.

Negative childhood imprints stay trapped in your nervous system and your daily repetitive negative thoughts if left alone can trip you up for a lifetime.

Are you:

  • Losing sleep over past mistakes?
  • Still struggling to feel successful or believe in yourself?
  • Frozen with fear of what the future might bring?
  • Stuck in a holding pattern of confusion or overwhelm?

In only 21 days you can eliminate years of habitual negative thought patterns and create the big shift you crave. Help yourself to clarity and confidence with EFT tapping.

In this course you’ll discover:
  • Make space in your head for better thoughts and new ideas!

  • Develop a life-long healthy habit that will change how you think.

  • Manage your emotions and streamline the process of dealing with the hard stuff.

  • Feel better faster!

  • Tap into a happier, healthier, wealthier you and FAST!

  • Costs less than $1 a day!

Get Started!

Eliminate toxic and negative thought patterns.

Only $21!


The Emotional Detox: 21 Days to Clarity & Confidence

This is how it works:

In your email inbox once each day for 21 days you will receive a solid plan. Each day you will tap along with the script. Your time investment is under 15 minutes a day that creates a habit of personal growth. 

You’ll Experience: 
A streamlined version of EFT that quickens the release of old stuck energies. Fast, powerful ways to tap in positive patterns that will bring energy to the direction you’re going and help you interrupt negative thought patterns.
You’ll Receive: 
Video instruction about how to tap, why tapping works and all the other details about your energy system and how you will use it to your own advantage.

You’ll Enjoy: 
Multiple themed tapping scripts delivered via e-mail covering a variety of emotional topics. Subjects include: sadness, anger, confusion, fear, indifference, curiosity, anticipation, allowing, creating change and being open to receiving.
You’ll Discover: 
Meant For More success strategies and motivational tips to keep you going.

You’ll Earn: 
An invitation to participate in a private Facebook forum for discussion, sharing and special opportunities. You can share your goals, desires, needs and wants with new friends.
You’ll Be: 
The first to receive notice of all future products, events, and opportunities that you may find interesting.

All of this delivered to your inbox each day!

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PLUS!!  Receive a private on-on-one-coaching call with me, Tam Veilleux.

Your one hour Next Step Strategy Session, will be your map to whatever is next for you based on your current needs. Together we’ll use my ABC’s of Change technique for launching you into your up-leveled life with more happiness, better health and yes, more money.

*these are typically reserved for my private one on one clients.

Okay, Let’s Do This!

It’s never too late to create the change you need & start living a life you love.


I’m Transformational Success Coach Tam Veilleux and I’ve been using EFT tapping for nearly ten years to take myself from sad, stuck and broke to the woman people refer to as “Sparkles”.

I live a life I love and I want to help you live a life you love, too.

My plan involves UNDER  TWENTY MINUTES a day to create a big shift that can take you from feeling average to awesome. Just ONCE A DAY  for life changing journey towards a new you.

I am “That Tapping Lady” and from my heart to yours, I invite you to stop staying stuck. Get involved today!

Say good-bye to Debbie Downer. The new you is only 21 days away.

I’m Ready!

Nothing changes until you do.

Create the Big Shift you’ve been craving!

There is science behind all your negative emotions.

Did you know: When an upsetting event occurs your body creates a chemical response in your endocrine system, the chemicals create an emotion or feeling that ends as your reaction.

It happens in under a second , but the effects of negative emotions can and will wreak havoc on your body creating discomfort and dis-ease.  The chemicals break down your cells and eventually you experience health issues. 

All these chemicals and emotions can be cleared from your body. 


Undo the emotional damage from past failures. It took you 20 or more years to develop your habit of negative thinking, you can begin to undo it all in just 21 days.


That “tapping thing”, EFT, addresses everything. Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka Tapping) is a form of self-care that promotes healing by disrupting the negative energy patterns in your nervous system. It addresses those pesky messages that limit your beliefs about yourself.

EFT is free to use, easy to learn and ultra powerful.

The scientific results of EFT prove there is deep and lasting healing with the regular habit of tapping. Lower blood pressure, lower heart rates, along with optimal serotonin levels means less anxiety, reduced tension and more of the “feel good” chemicals like dopamine for your body.

With this kind of freedom from emotional pain there are more ways for your mind and your body to work together toward your goals like happiness, health and wealth!

It’s the powerful tool that has you tapping on certain parts of your face and body as you speak to your pain and your power. 

EFT tapping  looks silly, and it works. 


Get ahhh-mazing results fast!

Tim, a successful business man in his 40’s, eliminated a physical ailment instantly reducing his stress level which addressed a $10,000 business mistake.

 – Jackie, age 21, in a new relationship, tapped away a bothersome memory of her boyfriend having a conversation with his ex.

– Carol, age 50 had chronic pain in her woman parts due to extreme mental abuse as a child; she broke free from that pain after a one hour session.

– Joseph, a self-professed “closet tapper” tapped away an oncoming head cold and regularly helps himself to deeper sleep and clarity in his self-employment.

– Laurie, age 50, “I have gained greater self-confidence, strength in my beliefs and dreams, calmness in the face of adversity and possibly most important- how to love myself after years of questioning whether I was worthy of it.”  

The Ahhh-mazing Emotional Detox: 

21 Days to Clarity & Confidence

Count Me In

Only $21 to a clearer, more confident you!


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