2022 Energy Almanac Coloring Book + Journal – Choose Big Change
2022 Energy Almanac Coloring Book + Journal
2022 Energy Almanac Coloring Book + Journal
2022 Energy Almanac Coloring Book + Journal
2022 Energy Almanac Coloring Book + Journal

2022 Energy Almanac Coloring Book + Journal

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Color and doodle your way to ease in 2022.

Light on astrology, large on fun

Escape from problems and enter the world of relaxing colors. Enjoy coloring shapes and hand-drawn doodles.  Themed with teacups, the Energy Almanac coloring book great fun and very relaxing. Coloring stimulates creativity and stimulates out-of-the-box thinking, leads to new original ideas, and strengthens self-confidence.

The Energy Almanac for 2022 is your complete easy-to-read holistic guide for the twelve months of the new year. This fun coloring book offers three pages per month of coloring and one page per month of journal space.

Calligrapher and artist, Katie says:

Hi i’m Katie, the face behind ‘Purely Katie’. An avid doodler and huge fan of the Energy Almanac, I was delighted to have the opportunity to contribute to next years edition! I love using calligraphy as a tool to unwind and switch off. Last year, I would use the monthly recommendations from the almanac to practise with and so the idea for the pull outs was born! I hope you enjoy using them. If you would like to see more of what I’m all about, you can find me on Instagram @purelykatiex  ... With love and light, Katie x

Her drawings a pure delight for coloring and playing with. Plus with the monthly recommendations at your fingertips, you know just what to lean on month by month. 

You will have at-a-glance resources and know exactly where you should focus your efforts.


  • Get twelve months of information broken into 12 monthly overviews
  • Enjoy 12 articles that include specific days to watch out for astrological action
  • Improve the timing of your movement by using the lunar cycle information
  • Color in the 12 hand drawn resource pages and know exactly what our experts chose for each of the months.
  • Journaling space
  • Create a vision board in your book

Bliss out with your favorite crayons, colored pencils, or markers and the all-new Energy Almanac coloring book. 

Still want the 52 weekly predictions?  BUY THE eBOOK HERE and SAVE A TREE This binding is virtual so you can read on your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Give the gift of foresight to yourself and those you love.