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Maine Astrology Retreat
Maine Astrology Retreat
Maine Astrology Retreat
Maine Astrology Retreat

Maine Astrology Retreat

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A beginners astrology retreat in the beautiful state of Maine. 

Admit it. You’re curious. 

You’ve wondered what the planets have to tell you, but astro speak is over your head. What if you could easily decipher your own chart? Raise your hand if you appreciate:

  • Personal growth and development
  • Self-discovery through astrology
  • Meeting other women with similar interests
  • Fun, fresh teaching style that’s easy to follow
  • Deep blue skies, greenery, fresh air and outdoor activity
  • Time away to laugh, play, and learn

If you’re a little more curious than average when it comes to astrology and how it can kickstart you into going further faster, then you’re in the right place.

This retreat will help you identify the 6 markers in your birth chart that will help you know yourself deeply. Imagine: 

…knowing who you are at your core.

…understanding why you are so emotional in certain areas of life.

…finally grasping why people react to you the way they do.

…unearthing your soul’s wound, its destiny and history.

…discovering where you might have good fortune or expanded opportunities.

…learning why you keep bumping up against the same patterns ( and discovering how to fix those!)

This special one-day event brings you together with the ancient wisdom of astrology for a next-level experience that deepens your understanding of who you are and what you’re here to do. 

This is the ahhhhhh retreat with the build in a-ha moment you need to lead an easier life. Ditch struggle. Strap on astrology.

Imagine going through life knowing when you should be pushing and when you should be resting in a hammock with a journal and a cup of tea.


Coach and creator of the Energy Almanac, Tam Veilleux, is going to help you read your own chart and make powerful sentences that you understand for your life. This language you will keep with you to counsel yourself.

Always fresh, always fun, and permanently transformational once you know where to look, astrology is your friend.

This class is for you and all of your girlfriends. Sign up today. 

June 25 & 26 at the Greenville Inn at Moosehead Lake in Maine


Surrender to the rhythm of your personal Universe. Say yes to understanding how you’re wired.

RESERVE NOW, SAVE MONEY. This retreat space has room for 30 people. Book now and save.

Buy before April 30, pay only $300.

Buy May 1- May 31, pay only $350.

Buy between June 1 – June 24 pay $400. 

ROOM RATES billed separately (discounted for this group)

Just $200 for mansion rooms and $250 for private cottages. Please contact the Greenville Inn directly and mention “astrology retreat” for your amazing room rate. Call 207-695-2206. Or email: 


More about Tam

Join Tam Veilleux, Cosmic Pretzel, the lead visionary of the Energy Almanac at the THRIVE retreat. Acting as a transformational coach by day, astrology groupie by night, she will help you learn how to shine bright, feel good, and live big with #AppliedAstrology.

Tam has been leading groups and individuals to greatness since 2012. With law of attraction, manifestation, energetics and now astrology under her belt, she brings her very Virgo personality to retreats under the name “Cosmic Pretzel.” 

Her passion is for helping people who are struggling with stagnation to connect the dots and evolve to their greatest version of themselves. Tam’s goal is to make transformation fast, fun, and easy through her illustrated products and services. Her company Big Sky Publishing is home to The Energy Almanac, which is holistic resource guide that offers weekly astrological predictions for the year ahead.

Astrology is not just for astrologers.

When you finally understand the meanings behind planets, zodiac signs, and houses in a way that isn’t “astro-speak” you deepen your understanding of how your birth chart is playing out all the time. Tam’s goal with this class is to teach you to make your own astrology language that you yourself understand and can apply again and again. 

Astrology is a tool for the rest of your life. Learn it once, use it forever.

Ready to join, want to meet others before you get there? Click here to join the Community.

Questions and Answers

About my birthchart..?

You’ll forward your exact birth date, time, and location prior to the retreat. We will set you up with a beautiful printout that you will keep memorializing your time at the THRIVE retreat. If you don’t know the exact time, just use your best guess and work with that.

I already have my birth chart. Is this different?

This is completely different than having a birth chart read by an astrologer. This is you interpreting your own chart at a level that you can understand because you’ll be using your own language.

Do I have to print this thing myself or are you mailing me something?

You are going to receive a PDF file at the retreat..

Is it mostly business, Tam, come on, is it?

It isn’t mostly business. In fact this isn’t business-related at all, UNLESS, you come to the retreat with the intention of decoding the birth chart of your business.

Tell me again what's included for the cost of the workshop, would you?

With this retreat, you get your birth chart, a workbook, 6-8 hours of instruction, a great location, deep connection to yourself and others, and the wisdom and wit of one super fresh Cosmic Pretzel.

Can I come just for the Saturday event?

You sure can. The cost is $350. Click here to just come on Saturday.