Tapping or EFT is the new technology for self-healing.

11 Things You Want To Know about EFT Tapping Therapy

Its time to clear up the confusion about this EFT tapping thing as a healing modality and answer the ten things you want to know. As a workshop presenter and coach these are some of the biggest questions I get around EFT.

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Finding Your Sweet Spot |Accepting Weakness

Admitting to your own weaknesses isn't easy. Owning all of you could be one of the most important things you do for yourself. I now call it my "sweet spot", that place where I know I'm light and dark, all at once.

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Health and Happiness | How your mindset can effect your health.

When you consider your own happiness, your innate happy-factor, are you nearing a jazz-hands state or are you feeling closer to the troll hiding under the bridge? EFT is an energy management practice.

Make Peace With Your Past

To make peace in your life today you must reflect on yesterday. Cleaning and clearing your history requires that you know what target you're aiming for.

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Learning through Observation from the Real Housewives -Part 2

Last week we took a look at ways we could learn from The Real Housewives. If you missed part one of this article you can start here. Now let's continue...

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Only 3 Minutes! Tapping To Let It In

Take only 3 minutes of your day. Decide what you want to let into your life: freedom, money, wealth, more joy, greater health, wisdom, grace, strength. You decide what "it" is .

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Pain As Your Identity

Have you become your pain? Is pain your identity? If you find yourself introducing yourself to someone new and within those first few moments you find yourself talking about your damaged relationship, your constant backache...

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The Energy of Peace

Your personal energy holds patterns that represent your belief systems. As this infographic shows, you can create change and an energy of peace by tapping.

A Daily Spiritual Practice

I realized this morning as I was finishing up my typical daily spiritual practice, that perhaps some people don’t know what a spiritual practice is, or how to begin one. To me, a spiritual practice is anything you do that grounds and centers you. It’s a practice of setting intentions and expectations for your day. […]

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What About EFT?

What is that EFT?
EFT or emotional freedom techniques were developed by Gary Craig. His cutting edge work in the field of self-healing has affected many lives for the better. There are hundred, probably thousands, of examples of disease being healed through the process of tapping meridian points as we speak to our subconscious minds. I […]

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