You Don’t Need Google Play You Need YouTunes

Your mind is tuned in all day long to your special YouTunes station. It's heard you day after day, year after year and it listens to you like a well trained dog.

The 3 Steps to Change or as I like to say, “The ABC’s of Change”

I wanted to post a quick reminder about the ABC's aka how you change into a life you love, one of laughter, friendships, a career you dig and money, too.

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Rudy’s Challenge- A food for thought story

Rudy is a kind guy. He’s genuinely nice and of gentle spirit. Generous with his time and empathetic of others, he has given his life to helping children without solid opportunity.

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4 Solutions | How To Stop Being Out of Alignment

Get your mind, body and spirit back on the same page with 4 easy solutions to help you stop being out of alignment.
But first, let me fill you in on the event that inspired me to share this with you.

I was returning from a short jaunt to the garden when I heard “Hey…” It was that sweet […]

Success is Subjective | Climbing The Ladder of Success

Success is subjective, isn't it? We each have a unique idea of what the requirements are. A fifty cent raise may put one person over the moon with pride yet it may take a fifty thousand dollar...

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Stop the Madness

People everywhere are talking a lot about the problems we have in America. Newscasts and radio shows are spouting off about the debacle that is our country. Budgets are out of balance, corruption in office, generational poverty, former sports heroes being dethroned, and cities are filing bankruptcy.

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You Don’t Know Until You Know

I have someone quite close to me who says often “You don't know until you know.” We laugh and tease about this quip of hers being the answer to everything. In the last ten days this saying has become so profound. Here is why:

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B is for Belief Systems [the ABC’s of Change]

Your internal belief systems need to align with your dreams. Too many people give up the dream right when they are on the brink of attaining it.

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A is for Attention [the ABC’s of Change]

Attention to your dream keeps you focused. Keep pictures, journals, words and reminders of your goals close by for easy reference, because your brain loves to be reminded of what it is you want more of.

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Always Be Choosing

We all have external reactions based on our brain's historical imprints. The neural pathways that formed as you passed from the diaper stage to the puberty stage and into adulthood as you witnessed millions of hours of, well, life