April 2019 Astrology from The Energy Almanac

Frame-ready art is available for each of the 12 months.

APRIL:  Change is in the air.

Frame-ready art is available for each of the 12 months.

The 2019 Energy Almanac has six pages of information about the month of April. These highlights about April will get you started.

There are three retrograde planets in April.  Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all doing their thing! When a planet is in retrograde motion everything that it rules appears to be weakened or challenged in some way. Forward progress is slowed in favor of going backward and RE-evaluating or RE-doing. Outer world flow is slowed so that we can integrate, grow, and expand inward. Review, reflect, and renew yourself.

April is going to a good time for doing inner work. 

Forward progress is slowed in favor of going backward and re-evaluating conditions. It’s time for integration. 

Jupiter retrograde means we may have brilliant epiphanies and revelations that raise our consciousness and prepare us for when Jupiter changes directions again and we can demonstrate our mastery in the outer world.

Pluto, the next in line to retrograde, takes you on a journey to the dark side of yourself. Explore deep psychological themes and fears and work to reduce the effect those fears have on you. Awareness of these fears is your gift this month. 

Saturn’s retrograde will expose weaknesses in form, structure and systems. It’s a perfect time to streamline and simplify things. Whatever form, structure or system is exposed during this retrograde is your opportunity to strengthen it and make it better by putting a solid foundation in place. Six what needs fixing.


  • April 5, New Moon in Aries. Be bold and creative and start something new
  • April 19, Full moon in Libra/Aries. End co-dependence, release attachment to order and doing things the same old way.
  • April 24, Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Explore how fear may be affecting your life. Spring clean and declutter your space.
  • April 29, Saturn retrograde in Capricorn. Review, redefine and realign goals with values and purpose. Check for weaknesses in your project to see if they will stand the test of time. 

Stone of the month:  Apophyllite

Numerology: A 7 month in a 3 year (page 53 in The Energy Almanac)

Oil of the month: Tangerine, to release the darkness you may feel. (Page 54 in The Energy Almanac)

Pose of the month: Sunrise Polarity Posture (Page 54 in The Energy Almanac)

For a much deeper dive into what is going on during April get your own copy of the Energy Almanac at:  www.quantumcompanystore.com 

Your coaching tool for the month is the powerful question: “What am I unwilling to be, know, perceive, and receive that if I were to be, know, perceive, and receive it would change everything?  Everything this brings up I release it and let it go. “

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