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End Pain with Tapping

Imagine a life where when you recognize you are in pain, you can neutralize it instantly. How blissful does that sound?



That Tapping Thing Does Really Work

Tapping, or EFT, is the process of literally tapping your fingers against various points on your upper body as you speak words about your pain. It is an unusual modality for creating change in your physiology and your psychology.

It’s unusual, and yet it is the most powerful self-healing technique you will ever use. This means you can take control of your life because tapping does work.

How I Changed My Life With Tapping

In 2005 I learned Gary Craig’s traditional EFT methods. I wasn’t in much pain but I was intrigued, and soon I was using the full gamut of traditional tapping moves.

My pain at that time I thought to be minimal, but I tapped occasionally and forgot about it occasionally– until I hit the wall. My wall was named Divorce. It completely took me off my feet and I was writhing in emotional pain daily.

Tapping became a great ally. It alleviated stress, numbed my feelings and I escaped, at least until a new setback arrived. When my divorce was over and my life regained some normalcy, I again “forgot” to tap. But life went on.

I then entered the most extreme pain of my life. I learned the truth of the depth of my son’s addiction to prescription pain killers and eventually to injectable “others”. The writhing pain of my divorce seemed minor compared to the torture of watching my flesh and blood slowly slip away. I was now parenting an addict.

painI missed work and spent hours on end on my knees with my face in my hands, sobbing.

How could I, a person known for optimism and positivity, a new on-the-scene personal development strategist be such a wreck?! My self-image was in the toilet and my son was somewhere worse than that.

I dove head first back into tapping, but this time — with a twist.

A New Way of Tapping

In the thick of my pain I needed reminders of why this tapping thing was working, so I spent time researching. This is how I discovered Faster EFT and Robert Smith. I watched clip after clip on his YouTube channel and cried like a baby as I healed my deepest fears, my ugliest scars and most horrid self-destructive images.

I learned a newer, faster, cleaner way to tap and to speak to myself.

I got clear by destroying the old stories, thoughts and patterns and I made peace with all of me, the current version as well as the old one.

That’s how tapping works.

How does tapping work?

Tapping is a nearly 40 year old self-healing technology. It’s a bit of ancient eastern medicine wrapped up in contemporary self-healing energy psychology.

Tapping is the disruption of the energy channels in the body known as meridians. Meridians carry energy up and down the body into our organs. As we gently hit the necessary points, we change the message of the energy being sent to those organs. Eventually the body (brain, actually) forgets the old pattern of pain and leans toward the new lighter thoughts.

Each meridian is relative to a different organ. When we have regular negative thoughts charging a channel of energy that is flowing to, for example, your liver, you can expect that over time the liver will become damaged. The energy of the emotion affects your organs. The meridian carried the negative vibration to it. It’s the mind/body connection at its greatest and it’s so urgent that we get our thoughts and emotions under control so that our bodies can heal.

It is your intention, when tapping, to disrupt the negative energy.

Faster tapping uses less points than traditional tapping. Robert Smith references and uses the major points that will impact us the most: Bladder, Gall Bladder, Stomach, Kidney, Large Intestines, Small Intestines, Heart and Lungs.

He begs that we make peace with the past.

Tapping Into Old Memories

It’s always best to know what your pain is about. In my work we first create a list of the pains. I call it the *Hit List. It’s your all-inclusive inventory of the negative events that have filled your psychology, and peppered your brain with negatively charged energy. Together, we look at and knock down each one individually, until the negative charge is gone.

In the new process of Faster Tapping we acknowledge our pain and truly feel it. We hold the image or the symbol of the pain in our imagination and then tap about letting it go. We speak words that assist in the letting go.

Tapping in The New Memories

Tapping is quick, painless and powerful. Tap out the old, and then joyfully tap in the new. The universe abhors a vacuum so as soon as the old memory dissipates we take on the practice of filling the brain (and subconscious mind) with new memories, ones that serve to support a beautiful life.

Tapping is A Tool For Life

Once the method of tapping is truly engrained in your muscle memory as a tool for pain relief it becomes a practice you turn to automatically. A painful event happens—you tap. You feel truly blissed out on life – you tap again. You need to support yourself through confusion — you just tap.

Change happens, seemingly without you noticing. Soon you find that your patterns have changed, you no longer are affected by the memories that used to haunt you. Life becomes easy, flow is normal. What has happened is that you have ingrained new patterns and inserted new behaviors.

Life goes from good to great when you make peace with your past and tap into change.

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