Batman and Robin have nothing on this Dynamic Duo

If ever you thought things were getting dark, you may have been right. While our days were getting shorter our moods were getting dimmer. It happens naturally. Mother Earth being the benevolent lady/goddess she is, has placed in front of us this perfectly magical time one of Winter Solstice and Mercury Retrograde, a truly dynamic duo. Imagine a dynamic and powerful duo that will back you into the perfect little cocoon for a spring unfolding.

Merc Retro and SolsticeCelebrate Mercury Retrograde for real??

Yes!Mercury Retrograde began on December 19, 2016. As we head out of winter and into the light of the longer days we can use Merc Retro to reboot ourselves. There is really no need to panic each time Mercury goes retrograde. Be always looking for the gift of the current energies.


Ask: What in my life can be revisited for a clearer, more joyful way of being?

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”  ~ Albert Camus

The solstice is the celebration of the lengthening of days and the letting in of light. Now is a good time to honor the winter period. Go inward. You can and should be using this time to explore what’s going on emotionally. Dig into the chatter inside you and quiet it down. Do some big emotional work and root out old issues. Journaling would be beneficial, too. Start thinking about what you’d like to bring into alignment for 2017 and the forthcoming nine year cycle. Breathe into a vision of yourself 9 years from now. What does that look like? Make notes, add emotional energy to them with words that express how you’ll feel when you “arrive’ in the middle of the vision.

  • Ask: What energy, space and consciousness can I be to be the truly powerful being that I truly be in 2017?
  • Ask: What contribution to my vibrant living can I be now to be the magical example of success I truly be?
  • Ask: What would it be like to live a magical life for the next nine years?


Will you now destroy and uncreate anything in the way of all of that before jumping into the new year? Go ahead and tap through your EFT points saying “I release and let go anything in the way”. Just voice various aspects of what you suspect you may be holding in your body that is emotionally charged. “Wherever I hold fear, anger, sadness, anxiety…I release and let go.”

Your time is now and you’re ready for the next step, the dynamic duo is on your side.

There are still a few days left in 2016 to release and let go whatever isn’t serving you.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas (or other significant holiday) season. I wish you bright blessings of outrageous happiness, vibrant health and over-the-top wealth for 2017.