December is the last month of a powerful year of letting go.

The old patterns, habits, thinking, people, places and things should be on their way out the door by now. I hope you’ve been doing your inner work to really once and for all break up with the bad.

December is your last chance to dig in and divorce the way you were and look authentically at who you are at a soul level.
This month’s #EnergySketch information is borrowed from Kari Samuel’s insights.


The theme for this month is PERSPECTIVE.  It’s time to find a new point of view that will better serve the future that you are entering. Surrendering is key.

**Quick side note: I found myself reflecting on what I was still holding on to and was backhanded in the head (by myself) when I realized I was still white-knuckling an old belief and an even older point of view. I immediately took action and have felt TONS lighter ever since. I have an idea that it was paramount to my future and 2017 can’t come quick enough so that I can prove myself right! 


Check beliefs, thought patterns, fears, clothes, jobs, items, groups, networks….anything that you’ve done too long out of habit. Go there and ask: is it time to let you go? Feel the answer in your body. Light means yes while lies are heavy.

Remember that in January we not only begin a new year, we also begin a new nine year cycle. *I highly recommend you buy a new journal for the upcoming cycle. You will want to take notes about what you have left behind and who you are becoming.

This month listen for intuition and integrity within yourself. You’ll have plenty of time for this during Mercury Retrograde which begins officially on December 19 ( but unofficially you may feel it as early as today!!).

Reflect, repair, redo, rethink…. go back and re-work the questions to the important answers such as “What can I shed that does not serve me?”


The four steps Kari recommended for December are:

  1. Slow down. Be still, there is no rush and least of all during mercury retrograde. Simply do less to benefit more.
  2. Become present, fully present. It’s time to slow down your mind and ease into life. How can you find the answers you need if your mind is racing.
  3. Honor the hard emotions you have and let them express themselves. If you’ve been holding back a good cry, let her rip now. Need to complain or be angry- get it done. Honor what you feel and express it all and then…
  4. Transmute the negative into positive. You can use EFT tapping (call me for guidance)  to dissipate the pain or you can use forgiveness, whatever technique works for you. Turn the hate to love and then be love.

Wrap up December 2016 with questions

Block off time on your calendar for a few days of introspection and do the work you’ve put off. Bring a journal and some tea. Light a candle and do the soul’s work of giving it all to God.

What would it be like to start 2017 being free of untruths? Anywhere you’re holding onto lies will you now destroy and uncreate all of those?

What would it be like to use my intuition regularly? 

Where have I not been in integrity with myself by avoiding being the magical me that I truly be?  Anywhere you are disallowing the magic to move through you will you now destroy and uncreate all that?

Anything I’ve held onto out of fear I now destroy and uncreate!

Wherever I am holding onto fear, resentment or anxiety I now release and let go. 

Anywhere I have doubt, disbelief or disconnection from my truth I destroy and uncreate. 

Wishing you many blessings! Happy December everyone.

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